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File Date Author Commit
 4.0.0.examples 2009-04-10 miesfeld [r4355] Set default to build 32-bit
 DocMusings 2012-03-12 jfaucher [r7649] Commit pending changes from DocMusings
 Native.API 2011-01-31 miesfeld [r6673] Add the 32-bit version of windowrexx.dll
 RexxEclipse 2010-04-02 wdashley [r5764] Add the RexxEclipse package by Tamas Krisztin w...
 WinShell.4.0.0 2011-08-09 miesfeld [r7098] incubator - fix a few errors in simpleFolderBro...
 ZabrodskyAAT 2010-11-17 wdashley [r6394] Change "raise error" to "raise syntax".
 altstream 2009-11-05 antiguru [r5306] merge mutablevufferIOstream with this work
 c2orx 2009-08-04 wdashley [r5045] Small app to convert a C function prototyp into...
 classloader 2008-05-19 antiguru [r2494] Bug fix causeing packagenotfound errors when us...
 concurrent 2011-03-28 antiguru [r6887] concurrent update: a lock
 decimalFormat 2007-12-12 pragmatic_lee [r1508] Add demo program to incubator
 enumeration 2007-11-28 antiguru [r1335] Added enumeration class to incubator for RFE [ ...
 mod_oorexx 2010-02-26 wdashley [r5645] Moved CSELF in all argument to the last argumen...
 ooRexxShell 2012-06-17 jfaucher [r7909] Commit pending changes in incubator & sandbox
 ooSQLite 2012-11-08 miesfeld [r8572] Update the release notes for ooSQLite
 orx-irc 2008-05-19 antiguru [r2496] Some spelling corrections.
 orxcurses 2010-09-29 wdashley [r6231] Updated for ooRexx 4.1.0. Still portable to 4.0.x.
 orxsql 2011-02-28 wdashley [r6809] orxsql - seeting properties on all files.
 orxutils 2012-08-11 bigrixx [r8186] Commit work in progress
 orxvirt 2011-03-24 wdashley [r6877] Fix some compile and class errors.
 regex 2010-05-31 bigrixx [r5987] Generalized boundary condition support
 rexxdoc 2010-11-08 miesfeld [r6377] 3105404 Patch for ncubator/rexxdoc/rexxdoc.cls
 samples 2012-08-18 miesfeld [r8220] Move the extra ooDialog examples package out of...
 serializable 2009-10-20 antiguru [r5276] Incremental checkin to serializable rework. Bre...
 texttemplate 2009-05-22 wdashley [r4721] Add some comments and more name search options.
 workbench 2010-04-23 antiguru [r5807] Some more updates, but it's broken. Writing gra...