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Read Me

                   Independent ooDialog Installation

In July 2012 the ooRexx project began providing the option of installing
ooDialog "independently" of the ooRexx installation.  An independent
installation of ooDialog is an installation package that installs a
version of ooDialog over the top of an existing ooRexx installation.

The ooDialog installation package replaces whatever version of ooDialog
currently exists in the ooRexx installation with the installation
package's version of ooDialog.  Each independent version of ooDialog has
a minimum required version of ooRexx.  Any version of ooDialog can be
installed as long the version of the installed ooRexx meets the minimum
requirement of the ooDialog package.

The following packages are available:

ooDialog Version         Required ooRexx Version

ooDialog 4.0.0           ooRexx 4.0.0

ooDialog 4.1.0           ooRexx 4.0.0

ooDialog 4.2.0           ooRexx 4.1.0

The ooDialog version numbers have been decoupled from the ooRexx version
numbers.  Future versions of ooDialog will be released as independent
installation packages.  If a new version of ooDialog is available, users
will be able to upgrade to that version of ooDialog without waiting for
a new version of ooRexx to be released.

ooDialog will continue to be distributed with ooRexx.  A new release of
ooRexx will contain the latest released version of ooDialog.  Note that
with the independent installation of ooDialog users that may be unhappy
with the direction ooDialog is taking will always be able to upgrade
their ooRexx installation, and then install the older version of