--- a/docs/trunk/publican/oodialog/en-US/listview.xml
+++ b/docs/trunk/publican/oodialog/en-US/listview.xml
@@ -884,11 +884,12 @@
           Report view only. The user can drag and drop the headers to rearrange the columns.
-        <varlistentry><term>INFOTIP</term>
+        <varlistentry id='styListViewInfoTip'><term>INFOTIP</term>
-          With this style a notification is sent to the parent window before displaying an item's tooltip.  (The current
-          version of ooDialog can not take advantage of this style.  It is planned for a future enhancement.)
+          With this style the list-view control sends the <link linkend="evtListViewGETINFOTIP">GETINFOTIP</link>
+          notification to the dialog before displaying an item's tooltip. This allows the program to add, enhance, or change
+          the text displayed in the tip.