--- a/ooDialog/trunk/examples/treeViewCustomDrawI.inp
+++ b/ooDialog/trunk/examples/treeViewCustomDrawI.inp
@@ -1,10 +1,10 @@
-"Currency Converter with Pocket Calculator Function",2,3
-"Cordless Bicycle Computer with 9 functions",2,3
-"Digital Watch",2,3
-"Accu Charger",2,3
-"Inkjet Printer",2,3
-"Car Radio",2,3
-"The Software Catalog",2,3
-"VHS Video Camera",2,3
-"External CD ROM Drive",2,3
+"Currency Converter with Pocket Calculator Function",2,3,,,"Currency Converter with Pocket Calculator Function"
+"Cordless Bicycle Computer with 9 functions",2,3,,,"Cordless Bicycle Computer with 9 functions"
+"Digital Watch",2,3,,,"Digital Watch"
+"Accu Charger",2,3,,,"Accu Charger"
+"Inkjet Printer",2,3,,,"Inkjet Printer"
+"Car Radio",2,3,,,"Car Radio"
+"The Software Catalog",2,3,,,"The Software Catalog"
+"VHS Video Camera",2,3,,,"VHS Video Camera"
+"External CD ROM Drive",2,3,,,"External CD ROM Drive"