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                             Open Object Rexx

                              Release Notes
                              Version 4.2.0

  Copyright 2005-2012 Rexx Language Association.  All rights reserved.
                               December 2012

ooRexx 4.2.0 is a bug fix only release.  There are no new features or
enhancements in this release.  This, mostly empty, file is left as a
template for future releases.

|| (or)

ooRexx 4.2.0 is a bug fix and enhancement release.  An outline of the new
features and enhancements in this release are listed below.

Fixed bugs are listed in the CHANGES document.

File List
Linux rpm and deb packages contain the distribution name and version of
the system they were built on.  For instance,
ooRexx-4.2.0.opensuse1110.x86_64.rpm was built on OpenSuSE 11.10.

All package names contain an indication if the package is built as a 32-bit
or 64-bit binary.  Usually this indicator is x86_32 or x86_64.  For a 32-bit
binary, these indicators are sometimes used: i386, i586, etc..

Pick the package closest to the system you intend to install on.  If the
package is not an exact match and will not install, or the interpreter will
not run because of a conflict with the C / C++ libraries, it may be possible
to get one of the developers to build a package for your system by opening
up a support request in the tracker system.  Note that developer resources
are constrained and this is neither a commitment nor a promise.

Installation help and other relevant notes that should be read prior to

The same text as _Readme.pdf in HTML format.

Additional installation help in a text format.

This file.

A copy of this file because SourceForge will display the contents of a
readme file in the file download section.

The installation packages for various operating systems.

The source code for this version of ooRexx, suitable for building on an
unix-like system.  Includes the configure script.

The source code for this version of ooRexx, suitable for building and
packaging on a Windows system.  Includes the PDF documentation files which
are required for the packaging step.

Installation and Configuration

Prior to Installation:

Important: An "upgrade" type of installation is neither tested nor supported
on any platform.  Please completely uninstall a prior version of ooRexx
before installing a new version.  Installing over the top of an existing
installation is likely to produce unpredictable results.

Note:  On Windows only, the installer will detect a previous installation
and launch the uninstalltion program automatically.  The uninstall program
will completely uninstall the previous version of ooRexx and then return
control to the installer.

For installation help and other relevant notes, prior to installation,
please read the "_ReadMe.pdf" PDF file which is placed with the downloadable
files for this release on SourceForge.

A Note on Linux packages:

The generically named rpm packages should install on any modern distribution
that uses RPM as a package manager.  Likewise, the generically named deb
packages will install on any modern debian-based systems.

When it is known that the generic package has problems on a distribution,
the ooRexx team may build an additional package for that specific
distribution.  In which case, the installation package will have the
targeted distribution in its file name.

Please use the generically named rpm and deb packages.  If there is a
problem on your distribution, report it by opening up a Tracker bug.
Depending on resources, the ooRexx team may be able to build a specific
package for that distribution.

Changes in ooRexx 4.2.0

All platforms:

Builtin Classes:

New class:

    Class methods

    Instance methods

New methods on x:

New extensions classes:

New documentation:

Unix platform:

New extension library:


Windows platform:

ooDialog :

New samples :

Windows Installation:

Major changes

Minor changes