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[r8465] by bigrixx

[bugs:#1118] append to circularqueue: more items than size permits

2012-10-02 23:08:45 Tree
[r8296] by bigrixx

[feature-requests:#459] Add a uniqueIndexes method to the relation class

2012-08-28 20:06:33 Tree
[r8288] by bigrixx

[feature-requests:#457] Consider adding a second class initialization method

2012-08-27 23:46:53 Tree
[r8287] by bigrixx

[feature-requests:#473] String compares should have special exception for .nil

2012-08-27 23:42:13 Tree
[r8283] by bigrixx

[feature-requests:#469] Allow strip to work with a set of characters.can docs

2012-08-27 10:49:47 Tree
[r8260] by bigrixx

[feature-requests:#472] Add firstitem, lastitem methods to ordered collections.

2012-08-25 18:08:37 Tree
[r8254] by miesfeld

#34 MutableBuffer~space testGroup, patch submitted by U. Zinngrebe. Thanks Uli

2012-08-25 02:43:44 Tree
[r8249] by bigrixx

[feature-requests:#429] Context object to include method name

2012-08-24 22:57:30 Tree
[r8246] by bigrixx

[feature-requests:#471] add floor, ceiling, and round math operations

2012-08-24 18:27:08 Tree
[r8243] by bigrixx

[feature-requests:#473] String compares should have special exception for .nil

2012-08-22 18:10:04 Tree
[r8240] by miesfeld

See ticket [patches:#172] Patch from Uli, test case for String::space().
Thanks Uli.

2012-08-22 03:24:36 Tree
[r8164] by miesfeld

Add another historic log, for Ubuntue 32-bit

2012-08-07 23:33:11 Tree
[r8163] by miesfeld

Another fix for the Linux make file under later versions of gcc

2012-08-07 23:27:06 Tree
[r8162] by miesfeld

with gcc (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.1-9ubuntu3) 4.6.1 I can not get the external test programs to link without this change. I believe the change will not effect linking with other versions of gcc

2012-08-07 23:04:22 Tree
[r8161] by miesfeld

Add a 4.1.2 Windows 64-bit historic log

2012-08-07 21:37:55 Tree
[r8160] by miesfeld

Add some more historic logs, 4.1.2 on Windows

2012-08-07 20:49:14 Tree
[r8159] by miesfeld

Add some more historic logs to the test suite, 4.1.2 on Fedora

2012-08-07 20:43:19 Tree
[r8158] by miesfeld

This branch of ooTest requires ooRexx 4.1.2 for the tests to pass

2012-08-07 19:57:21 Tree
[r8156] by miesfeld

Back port change r7976 'Fix up some tests for recent updates' from test trunk to test 4.1.2. The fixes in ooRexx trunk are included in ooRexx 4.1.2 so running the test suite for ooRexx 4.1.2 requires the same changes as those in test trunk.

2012-08-07 19:16:05 Tree
[r8155] by miesfeld

Move 4.1.0 test branch to released

2012-08-07 18:57:48 Tree
[r8154] by miesfeld

branch test/4.1.0 to 4.1.2 as testing 4.1.2 ooRexx needs some changes introduced by bug fixes

2012-08-07 18:55:14 Tree
[r8153] by miesfeld

Having trouble building the external API tests with newer versions of gcc / g++. I think this change will still work with older versions of gcc / g++

2012-08-07 18:24:00 Tree
[r8010] by bigrixx

Add some embedded test data support to the framework

2012-07-07 19:51:37 Tree
[r7976] by bigrixx

Fix up some tests for recent updates

2012-06-29 17:40:44 Tree
[r7730] by jfaucher

fix bug 3514016

2012-04-02 06:24:11 Tree
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