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[r5276] by antiguru

Incremental checkin to serializable rework. Breaks existing interfaces.

2009-10-20 18:42:25 Tree
[r2495] by antiguru

Removed class SerializeSerializable, it is not required anymore due to other improvements.

2008-05-19 07:01:26 Tree
[r2389] by antiguru

RexxDoc update.

2008-03-06 11:22:35 Tree
[r2240] by antiguru

orx-irc project moved to ooRexx. Copied repository, minor changes to links in documentation.

2008-01-16 16:24:27 Tree
[r1272] by antiguru

Serializable update - Patch 1704199

2007-11-19 16:01:56 Tree
[r777] by bigrixx

Another update to the serializable code.

2007-09-21 10:42:12 Tree
[r400] by bigrixx

New version update.

2007-05-28 23:44:18 Tree
[r388] by bigrixx

Apply a patch to the serializable code and fix up some copyright statements on
contributions to remove the IBM copyright.

2007-05-16 13:06:32 Tree
[r354] by bigrixx

Add a new incubator directory to the subversion tree. The incubator
subtree will be a temporary hosting location for new code contributions.
Code will be placed here and updated until its eventual disposition is

Also adding two contributions to the incubator:

[ 1711941 ] CSV Stream Class
[ 1704199 ] Object Rexx Object Serialization

2007-05-04 15:04:49 Tree