Code SVN Repository Log

Commit Date  
[r6377] by miesfeld

3105404 Patch for ncubator/rexxdoc/rexxdoc.cls

2010-11-08 17:08:43 Tree
[r2497] by antiguru

Cosmetic updates to frontend.

2008-05-19 07:04:10 Tree
[r2389] by antiguru

RexxDoc update.

2008-03-06 11:22:35 Tree
[r2375] by antiguru

General updates, some bug fixes, layout changes (looks much better now).

2008-02-21 22:42:13 Tree
[r2372] by antiguru

Layout changes, more updates.

2008-02-21 16:56:20 Tree
[r2371] by antiguru

Several bugfixes, line continuation did not work, -- at end of line was incorrectly interpreted, /* will now be recognized, fix for bug introduced on parseState~error in last revision.

2008-02-21 15:22:21 Tree
[r2370] by antiguru

* Unix line breaks.
* Bug fix: required files are now resolved.
* Bug fix: (hopefully) invalid keyword public on routine

2008-02-21 14:50:18 Tree
[r2369] by antiguru

Fixed a small error in SourceRequires found by Sahananda (Jon) Wolfers.

2008-02-21 06:50:22 Tree
[r2368] by antiguru

Source comments added.

2008-02-20 22:38:40 Tree
[r2367] by antiguru

* Added license to files
* rexxdoc now saves the parse state in each source element
* source elements can be ordered as Comparable is implemented.
* sample frontend has been extended.
Note that this is more an intermediade release that may contain bugs. It is intended to be a save starting point for some experimental extensions.

2008-02-20 22:27:53 Tree
[r2329] by antiguru

Code cleanup, source is now included in document tree.

2008-02-01 13:29:03 Tree
[r2303] by antiguru

Update to rexxdoc. Added small front end, far away from being complete yet.

2008-01-25 12:28:40 Tree
[r2277] by antiguru

Ongoing development, split parsing and resolving

2008-01-21 15:08:27 Tree
[r2264] by antiguru

Added rexx source code documenting system. Still under development.

2008-01-18 12:14:41 Tree