Code SVN Repository Log

Commit Date  
[r6809] by wdashley

orxsql - seeting properties on all files.

2011-02-28 18:00:37 Tree
[r6807] by sahananda

fix typo - wrong variable used as index in getrow method

2011-02-27 23:14:43 Tree
[r6797] by wdashley

orxsql - I divided the source code into separate widows and unix versions.

2011-02-22 21:10:19 Tree
[r6558] by wdashley

orxsql - add a new test db load file. Tests to follow.

2011-01-05 20:02:19 Tree
[r5720] by wdashley

Ok, my mistake. Brandon was correct in that a supper class attribute variable can not be set with my code. I used Brandon's code with a modification to use OSELF instead of the getself function as I believe the overhead is smaller.

2010-03-19 16:31:42 Tree
[r5713] by wdashley

Patch from Brandon.

2010-03-17 14:36:06 Tree
[r5710] by wdashley

Update the readme.

2010-03-16 20:50:11 Tree
[r5709] by wdashley

Add a new method for returning all columns of a fetched row as an array. Remove comments that are no longer valid.

2010-03-16 20:26:38 Tree
[r5708] by wdashley

Another Fix from Brandon.

2010-03-16 19:54:08 Tree
[r5707] by wdashley

Fix from Brandon Cherry.

2010-03-16 17:45:24 Tree
[r5695] by wdashley

Fixes per Brandon.

2010-03-13 20:14:05 Tree
[r5573] by wdashley

Reorg of the CLI APIs to allow each dbconnx class instance to connect to its own CLI instance (library). Thus the OrxSQL class library now supports multiple connections to different databases from a single process.

2010-02-21 17:12:24 Tree
[r5572] by wdashley

The code is now fairly complete. It is still NOT tested so changes are still possible (and even probable).

2010-02-21 02:15:00 Tree
[r5570] by wdashley

Added mor statement class methods. Reorganized the dynamic loading of the CLI library.

2010-02-19 21:31:29 Tree
[r5568] by wdashley

Oops! Thanks Mark, missed that one. Fixed in orxncurses too (where I copied it from, thus spreading my mistake).

2010-02-17 22:21:12 Tree
[r5567] by wdashley

Whew! Added a ton of constants, the SQLGetInfo API, and started the sql statement class.

2010-02-17 21:41:54 Tree
[r5566] by wdashley

Added some new methods. Corrected some errors.

2010-02-15 20:07:46 Tree
[r5565] by wdashley

Add Windows dynamic linking.

2010-02-15 16:21:37 Tree
[r5564] by wdashley

Added orxsql into the incubator. Small update to ncurses.

2010-02-15 15:59:44 Tree