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[r7649] by jfaucher

Commit pending changes from DocMusings

2012-03-12 07:29:02 Tree
[r7135] by jfaucher

DocMusings : renamed the directory "makevalidxml" to the more appropriate name "transformxml"

2011-08-20 14:43:21 Tree
[r6752] by jfaucher

Fixed bug : the error line number was not correctly displayed.

2011-02-12 23:10:59 Tree
[r6026] by jfaucher

My recent problems about doc generation

2010-06-20 14:04:32 Tree
[r5880] by jfaucher

Display line number in case of error in a syntax diagram.
No connection with Holmes Rupert singing
"Yes, I like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain.
I'm not much into health food, I am into champagne.
I've got to meet you by tomorrow noon, and cut through all this red tape.
At a bar called O'Malley's, where we'll plan our escape."

2010-05-03 18:05:10 Tree
[r5851] by jfaucher

Commit pending changes.

2010-04-28 16:20:50 Tree
[r5473] by jfaucher

Improved kwd/var distinction : an identifier surrounded by quotes is a kwd.
Added support for rexxgtk documentation :
- files are with suffix .xml, not .sgml
- support empty group with only repsep (ex : GTKTreeStore~set_value)
- support repsep made of several elements (ex : GTKTreeStore~set_value)

2010-01-04 00:14:33 Tree
[r5458] by jfaucher

Cosmetic changes in relation with the -doit option.

2009-12-28 01:06:08 Tree
[r5451] by jfaucher

More work on transformdir

2009-12-20 23:44:21 Tree
[r5447] by jfaucher

bug fixes

2009-12-20 00:49:03 Tree
[r5446] by jfaucher

Added the option -doit
By default, the script lists the png/pdf generations that must be done, but does nothing.

2009-12-20 00:46:46 Tree
[r5412] by jfaucher

Added filter data for PNG : compression 6, interlaced (thanks Rony)

2009-12-13 17:02:08 Tree
[r5409] by jfaucher

Helper for converting .odg to .pdf/.png

2009-12-12 21:31:12 Tree
[r5346] by jfaucher

The repetition separator (ex : comma in USE ARG) was not included. Fixed.

2009-11-28 23:53:41 Tree
[r5316] by jfaucher

Informations for Franz, to let him bind BNF4OOo with the DITA plug-ins for syntax diagrams.

2009-11-11 12:56:32 Tree
[r5310] by jfaucher

Work in progress : better support for rexxpg and oodialog, roundtrip DSSSL<->XSLT, BNF generation using BNF4OOo
a project of Franz Hohenegger, introduced by Rony.
I need the core of the program, not the OpenOffice interface.

2009-11-08 16:19:33 Tree
[r5191] by jfaucher

Images in PDF format are supported, better quality.
Use different settings for PNG : no wrap, bigger font.

2009-09-20 23:55:40 Tree
[r5167] by jfaucher

Parse syntax diagrams, generate PNG and reference these PNG from the doc.
For an example of generated PDF, go to :

2009-09-13 21:17:27 Tree
[r5077] by jfaucher

Work in progress : new script transformdir.

2009-08-10 02:35:52 Tree
[r5040] by jfaucher

I can build the oorexx doc under Windows Cygwin, using openjade and passivetex.
Other investigation : profiling... The XML parser is slow, the csvClass is slow.

2009-08-03 01:00:32 Tree
[r4912] by jfaucher

Work in progress, 1st step reached.
The XML parser is operational on the oorexx doc files.
I can read a SGML file and print it on stdout unchanged (same layout).
Tested on fundclasses.sgml
Next step : implement the option -fix which will let generate a valid XML.

2009-07-13 01:47:23 Tree
[r4854] by jfaucher

Work in progress :
- Try to implement a script which convert our doc to well-formed XML. Not yet started.
- Investigate railroads (I said I wouldn't, but...)
Thank you to John Bodoh for the information about syntax diagrams in Dita.
I found that the "Plus" plug-ins contain a small package which can work
outside Dita. See the generated railroads in syntaxdiagram2svg_out.

See the _diary.txt files, I use them to take note of my progress.

2009-06-28 20:27:23 Tree

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