Code SVN Repository Log

Commit Date  
[r6135] by miesfeld

Minor fix to ooRexxProcess make file to allow the test program to be built

2010-08-22 18:22:13 Tree
[r6126] by miesfeld

Screwed up the return code numbering for ooRexxProcess

2010-08-21 19:42:20 Tree
[r6120] by miesfeld

A few more tweaks for the ooRexxProcess.dll plugin

2010-08-19 15:58:39 Tree
[r6119] by miesfeld

A little clean up of the NSIS plugin code

2010-08-19 03:32:38 Tree
[r6118] by miesfeld

Write our own NSIS plugin, so we can get it to do what we want

2010-08-18 23:23:50 Tree
[r3405] by miesfeld

build-util: Enhance / fix killer so it will kill rxapi, as long as the invoker
has the proper authority, for all the cases we are now supporting. On Vista,
installed as a service, etc..

2008-09-27 02:55:22 Tree
[r3374] by miesfeld

Fix killer so it works on Vista

2008-09-22 03:11:07 Tree
[r3006] by miesfeld

Update 'killer' to work with the 64-bit Windows build. The previous version
could not find 64-bit processes to kill them. This version (compiled as a
32-bit program) should work unchanged on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

2008-08-18 20:13:42 Tree
[r1203] by miesfeld

build-tools - Add all of the build dependencies to oorexx-build-dep, the
rebuilt oorexx-build-dep.deb, and the start of a read me file.

2007-11-08 21:32:24 Tree
[r1188] by miesfeld

Add the files needed for: Open Object Rexx Build Dependencies (ooRexx-build-dep)
to build-util. This will create a dummy deb package that can be used to install
the tools needed to build ooRexx on a Debian system. This was contributed by
Moritz Hoffmann in patch [ 1809305 ] Debian build dependencies

2007-11-04 04:42:39 Tree
[r1187] by miesfeld

build-util Put the debian stuff in its own subdirectory

2007-11-04 04:24:13 Tree
[r712] by miesfeld A synatx in this script is bash specific. Since the script itself
is Linux specific, specify bash in the hash bang line.

2007-08-25 17:23:50 Tree
[r598] by miesfeld

Update the Debian build scripts to build 3.2.0 or 3.1.2

2007-07-16 17:42:44 Tree
[r357] by miesfeld

Add a release notes file for the Windows build-utilities binary package.

2007-05-06 22:37:00 Tree
[r355] by miesfeld

Allow killer to accept a similar syntax as taskkill.

2007-05-06 21:34:04 Tree
[r315] by miesfeld

Fix typo in pkgDeb.quickstart

2007-04-23 20:11:15 Tree
[r268] by miesfeld

Add Mark Hessling's 'killer' program to the build utilities.

2007-04-12 06:07:02 Tree
[r227] by miesfeld

Provide the quick start documentation to build and package on a Debian

2007-04-05 05:18:18 Tree
[r219] by miesfeld

Fix the properties on the build-utilities files

2007-04-04 04:22:30 Tree
[r218] by miesfeld

Initial import of build-utilities

2007-04-04 03:17:19 Tree

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