Diff of /ooDialog/trunk/examples/userGuide/exercises/Support/ObjectMgr.rex [r8482] .. [r8483]  Maximize  Restore

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--- a/ooDialog/trunk/examples/userGuide/exercises/Support/ObjectMgr.rex
+++ b/ooDialog/trunk/examples/userGuide/exercises/Support/ObjectMgr.rex
@@ -178,7 +178,8 @@
     say "ObjectMgr-showModel-01a - modelNames:" modelClass modelInstance
     say "ObjectMgr-showModel-01b - parentDlg: " parentDlg
     --say "ObjectMgr-showModel-02 - modelClass: '"||modelClass||"';  modelInstance: '"||modelInstance||"'"
-    -- If this is an "anonymous" component (instance name "A"|"a"), ask it for an instance name:
+    -- If this is an "anonymous" component (instance name "A"|"a"), ask its
+    -- class object for an instance name:
     if modelInstance = "A" | modelInstance = "a" then do
       anonModelClass = "."||modelClass
       interpret "modelInstance = "||anonModelClass||"~getInstanceName"

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