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Commit Date  
[r8441] by miesfeld

Update the svn config file to handle NSIS script files

2012-09-26 23:28:47 Tree
[r8440] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - continue work on doc

2012-09-26 00:19:35 Tree
[r8439] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - follow best practice in some of the examples; always call close() on any opened connection.

2012-09-25 23:08:04 Tree
[r8438] by miesfeld

ooSqlite - remove debug statement

2012-09-25 22:59:06 Tree
[r8437] by miesfeld

#188 Reference array~append and first
See ticket [bugs:#188]

2012-09-23 04:00:49 Tree
[r8436] by miesfeld

#188 Reference array~append and first
See ticket [bugs:#188]

2012-09-23 03:51:49 Tree
[r8435] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - update the release notes

2012-09-22 04:24:35 Tree
[r8434] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - #1114 ooSQLite causes rexxpaws abnormal terminatio
See ticket [bugs:#1114]

2012-09-22 04:10:34 Tree
[r8433] by miesfeld

ooSQLite doc work

2012-09-22 04:07:55 Tree
[r8432] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - #1115 ooSQLite: pragma method cannot handle non-existing table
See ticket [bugs:#1115]

2012-09-22 02:19:15 Tree
[r8431] by miesfeld

ooDialog - #1111 oodialog 4.2.1 TvCustomDrawSimple
See ticket [bugs:#1111]

2012-09-22 02:05:29 Tree
[r8430] by miesfeld

Continue ooSQLite doc work

2012-09-20 23:15:15 Tree
[r8429] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - add the binding for the ooSQLiteConnection::totalChanges method

2012-09-20 23:14:15 Tree
[r8428] by miesfeld

Continue work on ooSQLite doc

2012-09-20 00:02:13 Tree
[r8427] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - trivial comment change

2012-09-19 23:56:13 Tree
[r8426] by miesfeld

Continue working on the ooSQlite doc.

2012-09-18 23:43:18 Tree
[r8425] by wdashley

Cleaning up my sandbox.

2012-09-18 19:00:50 Tree
[r8424] by miesfeld

ooSQLite doc - proof-reading changes

2012-09-18 02:50:58 Tree
[r8423] by miesfeld

ooSQLite doc - fix tags

2012-09-18 02:34:07 Tree
[r8422] by miesfeld

Made changes to the wrong version of ooSQLite doc, might as well save them

2012-09-18 02:26:37 Tree
[r8421] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - more doc work

2012-09-18 02:25:43 Tree
[r8420] by miesfeld

ooSQLite doc - fix some tags

2012-09-18 00:27:45 Tree
[r8419] by miesfeld

Small update to ooSQLite, constant values should match sqlite defines

2012-09-18 00:01:22 Tree
[r8418] by miesfeld

ooSQLite doc work

2012-09-17 23:59:39 Tree
[r8417] by miesfeld

ooDialog doc work

2012-09-17 23:59:03 Tree
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