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--- a/sandbox/jlf/samples/ooRexxTry/ooRexxTry.rxj
+++ b/sandbox/jlf/samples/ooRexxTry/ooRexxTry.rxj
@@ -233,6 +233,7 @@
     call loadPackage("socket.cls")
     call loadPackage("streamsocket.cls")
     call loadPackage("pipeline/pipe.rex")
+    call loadPackage("ooSQLite.cls")
     call loadPackage("rgf_util2/rgf_util2.rex") -- http://wi.wu.ac.at/rgf/rexx/orx20/rgf_util2.rex
     call loadPackage("BSF.CLS")
     call loadPackage("UNO.CLS")
@@ -2318,7 +2319,7 @@
     else do
         if value~isA(.CoactivitySupplier) then say pp2(value) -- must not consume the datas
-        else if value~isA(.array) then say value~ppRepresentation -- condensed output
+        else if value~isA(.array), value~dimension == 1 then say value~ppRepresentation -- condensed output
         else if value~isA(.Collection) | value~isA(.Supplier) then call dump2 value
         else say pp2(value)
         return value -- To get this value in the variable RESULT

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