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[r7831] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - remove some debug print outs from a release build

2012-06-02 01:59:21 Tree
[r7830] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - prevent the compiler on Windows from removing RexxGetPackage()

2012-06-02 00:53:22 Tree
[r7829] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - platform independent fix when build the distribution file

2012-06-02 00:41:30 Tree
[r7828] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - fix building of distribution file on Windows

2012-06-01 19:15:36 Tree
[r7827] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - fix the build for the distribution file

2012-06-01 19:02:50 Tree
[r7826] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - consolidate some stuff in the builds

2012-06-01 18:47:30 Tree
[r7825] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - work on the Linux build

2012-06-01 18:37:29 Tree
[r7824] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - add stuff to package on Linux

2012-06-01 03:22:33 Tree
[r7823] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - add stuff to package on Linux

2012-06-01 03:02:02 Tree
[r7822] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - fix file that generates the SVN revision number

2012-06-01 00:16:25 Tree
[r7821] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - add some simple packaging stuff for Windows

2012-06-01 00:04:16 Tree
[r7820] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - add release notes, etc., to the project

2012-05-31 22:31:18 Tree
[r7819] by osims

Final check and polish for Exercises 2 and 3.

2012-05-31 16:50:21 Tree
[r7818] by osims

Final check and polish for Chaps 2 and 3.

2012-05-31 16:49:21 Tree
[r7817] by miesfeld

Adding test database files and readme

2012-05-31 04:09:25 Tree
[r7816] by miesfeld


The binary database file, foodsPristine.rdbx, was created from a
database definition file, foods.sql, included in the example code that
accompanies the book:

"Definitive Guide to SQLite", Second Edition, by Grant Allen and Mike
Owens, published by APress.

APress and the authors have okayed the use and inlcusion of the binary
file in the ooRexx project.

Reference ticket: XWL-89783

Message to

I've bought the The Definitive Guide to SQLite, Second Edition, new from
Amazon. As a reader I've downloaded the source code to accompany the

I am also a committer on the Open Object Rexx project:

I've written an ooRexx binding to SQLite. For some of the example
ooRexx programs for the binding that I'm writing, I would like to use
the foods.db database file. The database file itself was created using
the foods.sql file, which is included the source code that accompanies
the book.

Note that the foods.db file is not included in the source code, only
foods.sql is included.

ooRexx is an open source project. For the distribution of the example
ooRexx programs, I would like to include the binary foods.db file with
the examples, along with an attribution to the book, the authors, and

So, I'm asking your permission to do that.

It's not clear to me if Apress or the authors would object to that use
of the binary foods.db file to begin with, since it is not a part of the
source code any way. I don't know if I need to contact the authors
separately, or contacting Apress is sufficient.

If it is okay to include the binary foods.db file, but you would rather
I don't give an attribution, of course that is fine with me.

I'd appreciate any information you can give me on this topic.


Mark Miesfeld

Reply #1 from
Dear Mark Miesfeld ,

Thank you for contacting Apress. This is an automated response
confirming the receipt of your ticket.

For your records, the details of the ticket are listed below. If
replying, please make sure that the ticket ID is kept in the subject
line to ensure that your replies are tracked appropriately.

Ticket ID: XWL-89783
Title: The Definitive Guide to SQLite - question

With best regards,
Apress Customer Support

Reply #2 from Apress Customer Support


It's okay, we can look it up.

So you just want to use a database file? That should be no problem,
particularly since you plan to properly attribute the authors and

Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

With best regards,
Apress Customer Support

2012-05-31 00:50:38 Tree
[r7815] by miesfeld

Add a new ooRexx extension: ooSQLite

ooSQLite provides a complete interface to SQLite.

SQLite is a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional
SQL database engine.

This database is embedded in the ooSQLite package, which means that any
ooRexx program that requires the package by using:

::requires 'ooSQLite.cls'

has everything it needs to create and use databases through a highly
functional database engine. No addtional libraries or software needs to be
installed on any platform to use ooSQlite. The SQLite database engine has a
very small footprint, making the implementation library for ooSQLite well
under 1MB in size.

ooSQLite will be available for all platforms that the interpreter is
supported on. The package provides both an object-orientated interface and
a 'classic Rexx' interface. Technically, the 'classic Rexx' inteface should
be called a 'functional' inteface because it uses ::routine() and in a very
few places some array and directory objects.

At this time the package is functional and useful. The SQLite API has a few
core APIs and a large number of APIs that are only of use in very rare
circumstances. The majority of all the APIs are accesible through ooSQLite
at this point. The intent is to provide access to the complete set of APIs
at some point.

Mostly tested on Windows at this point, but the Linux version builds and has
been lightly tested. The nature of the SQLite API and the ooSQLite
implementation library is such that there really should not be anything that
works on Windows that would not work on the other platforms, if the library
builds without error.

2012-05-31 00:10:32 Tree
[r7814] by miesfeld

The APICommon module was meant to be useful when building any native API lbirary, but I let too many Windows only things creep in. Fix that.

2012-05-30 16:13:54 Tree
[r7813] by miesfeld

3523656 - SAMP13 Does Not Work

2012-05-30 15:48:52 Tree
[r7812] by miesfeld

3523656 - SAMP13 Does Not Work

2012-05-30 15:47:01 Tree
[r7811] by miesfeld

3523656 - SAMP13 Does Not Work

2012-05-30 15:01:52 Tree
[r7810] by miesfeld

3523656 - SAMP13 Does Not Work

2012-05-30 14:58:26 Tree
[r7809] by miesfeld

3530214 Value returned by WindowsRegistry r~getvalue() may be wrong

2012-05-29 04:08:37 Tree
[r7808] by miesfeld

3530214 Value returned by WindowsRegistry r~getvalue() may be wrong

2012-05-29 04:08:05 Tree
[r7807] by bigrixx

backport fix for 3529966

2012-05-28 13:38:25 Tree
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