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[r6995] by miesfeld

ooDialog - more work finishing out the TabOwnerDialog implementation, make connectKeyEvent more usable

2011-06-17 00:11:07 Tree
[r6994] by wdashley

Getting ready for the new hardware for the web server.

2011-06-15 23:50:29 Tree
[r6993] by jfaucher

More work on pipe

2011-06-14 07:58:31 Tree
[r6992] by jfaucher

More work on pipeline

2011-06-09 18:18:52 Tree
[r6991] by jfaucher

.yield[value] is more compact than .Coactivity~yield(value)

2011-06-09 18:11:11 Tree
[r6990] by jfaucher

ooRexxShell : Display a traceback in case of error, preload incubator/regex.

2011-06-09 18:05:59 Tree
[r6989] by jfaucher

Forgot to merge those files.

2011-06-05 19:18:57 Tree
[r6988] by miesfeld

oodGuide trying to fix tags

2011-06-04 21:55:13 Tree
[r6987] by miesfeld

oodGuide trying to fix tags

2011-06-04 21:52:15 Tree
[r6986] by miesfeld

oodGuide trying to fix tags

2011-06-04 21:46:43 Tree
[r6985] by miesfeld

Commit an updated gencat.inp

2011-06-04 21:02:16 Tree
[r6984] by jfaucher

merge 6784-6976 from

2011-06-01 08:00:47 Tree
[r6983] by jfaucher

sandbox : rxapi runs as a foreground process in _DEBUG configuration, otherwise runs as daemon

2011-05-31 23:08:10 Tree
[r6982] by jfaucher

Preload pipe_extensions in ooRexxShell

2011-05-31 22:18:14 Tree
[r6981] by jfaucher

tracer : added support for 64-bit pointers

2011-05-31 22:12:39 Tree
[r6980] by jfaucher

Commit pending changes.

2011-05-29 22:45:59 Tree
[r6979] by jfaucher

oorexxshell : adaptation to MacOsX

2011-05-29 21:30:09 Tree
[r6978] by jfaucher

Fix compile error under MacOsX.
Concurrency trace is displayed only when env variable RXTRACE_CONCURRENCY=ON
Debug messages for semaphores and mutex are written in debug configuration only.
Fix installation of oorexx-config : was not found when config run outside the source tree.

2011-05-29 21:28:19 Tree
[r6977] by jfaucher

Remove debug messages

2011-05-29 20:11:05 Tree
[r6976] by miesfeld

Trival format change, trying to debug my svn set up.

2011-05-29 17:09:17 Tree
[r6975] by miesfeld

[3308860] Typos in ooDialog Reference. Patch supplied by Oliver Sims

2011-05-28 23:33:32 Tree
[r6974] by miesfeld

Sync sandbox ooDialog 4.2.0 with main thtough r6973

2011-05-27 03:43:14 Tree
[r6973] by miesfeld

ooDialog - Refactor how symbolic IDs are used; change OwnerDialog to TabOwnerDialog and flesh it out to work; update samples

2011-05-27 00:34:21 Tree
[r6972] by miesfeld

Update sandbox version of ooDialog 4.2.0

2011-05-27 00:30:06 Tree
[r6971] by miesfeld

Continue ooDialog doc revision

2011-05-27 00:27:08 Tree
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