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[r6809] by wdashley

orxsql - seeting properties on all files.

2011-02-28 18:00:37 Tree
[r6808] by jfaucher

new : samples\trace\tracer.rex
- to replace hexadecimal pointers by symbolic id (T1, A1)
- to generate CSV
from a trace output.

2011-02-28 13:32:30 Tree
[r6807] by sahananda

fix typo - wrong variable used as index in getrow method

2011-02-27 23:14:43 Tree
[r6806] by miesfeld

For ooDialog 4.2.0 beta, I guess it is almost March

2011-02-26 16:08:46 Tree
[r6805] by miesfeld

Update ooDialog 4.2.0 release notes

2011-02-26 05:26:56 Tree
[r6804] by bigrixx

belt and braces check with endsWith

2011-02-26 00:22:35 Tree
[r6803] by jfaucher

Added thread id, activation id and lock flag in the lines printed by trace.
If you redirect stderr to a file, and open the file with (say) Excel, then you can filter by thread/activation.

2011-02-24 19:23:20 Tree
[r6802] by jfaucher

merge 6500-6784 from

2011-02-24 08:09:29 Tree
[r6801] by miesfeld

ooDialog - sync sandbox 4.2.0 ooDialog with trunk

2011-02-24 04:18:14 Tree
[r6800] by miesfeld

ooDialog doc, fix tags

2011-02-23 04:29:08 Tree
[r6799] by miesfeld

[3187797] ooDialog docs - scrollbar patch from Madou

2011-02-23 04:20:24 Tree
[r6798] by miesfeld

Some small ooDialog doc update

2011-02-23 04:18:12 Tree
[r6797] by wdashley

orxsql - I divided the source code into separate widows and unix versions.

2011-02-22 21:10:19 Tree
[r6796] by jfaucher

Preload Pipelines and extension/extended in ooRexxShell

2011-02-22 19:07:12 Tree
[r6795] by jfaucher

Preload Pipelines and extension/extended in my version of ooRexxTry

2011-02-22 19:05:49 Tree
[r6794] by jfaucher

(re)discovered the Pipe Stages implemented in pipe.rex
This file is a minimal documentation, Pipelines deserve a better documentation (I will do it).
They bring me several ideas for my current work on coroutines.

2011-02-22 19:03:04 Tree
[r6793] by jfaucher

Reworked the organization of the extensions :
doers.cls contains mixins for managing one-liner sources --> standard ooRexx
functionals.cls contains mixins for higher-order actions --> standard ooRexx
extended.cls defines ExtendedXXX classes which inherit the mixins. --> works with standard ooRexx
extensions.cls directly hooks the mixins on the predefined classes. --> works only from sandbox

2011-02-22 18:47:03 Tree
[r6792] by jfaucher


2011-02-21 21:05:12 Tree
[r6791] by jfaucher

Removed the description of 'Class' that I added in section 5.1, because 'Class' is already documented in section 5.2

2011-02-20 17:51:45 Tree
[r6790] by jfaucher

Some classes were missing in the section 5.1

2011-02-20 17:00:11 Tree
[r6789] by jfaucher

Fix typos.

2011-02-20 16:57:41 Tree
[r6788] by jfaucher

rexxpg :
Picture 5.10 : Added File and Package

2011-02-20 13:01:00 Tree
[r6787] by jfaucher

rexxref :
Section 4.3.1 in text : added File, added Monitor, added Package, removed redundant occurence of Method
Picture 4.9 : added Package

2011-02-20 12:59:42 Tree
[r6786] by jfaucher

Chapter 4 : Added the class File in the picture 4.9
Chapter 5 : Added the class File in the summary of utility classes, at the begining of chapter.

2011-02-20 11:00:40 Tree
[r6785] by jfaucher

Removed getArrays method in picture of class Supplier.

2011-02-20 10:48:52 Tree
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