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[r6110] by wdashley

A few updates.

2010-08-15 17:15:52 Tree
[r6109] by jfaucher

Fix a crash in GC (markObjectsMain) : a string popped from liveStack has a corrupted behaviour's vtable because of a DeadObject::insertAfter made on this string.
If I'm not wrong, the problem comes from RexxSource::extractSource where the result array ("source") is not protected. In my case, a collect occurred while iterating over the lines put in the array.

2010-08-13 13:01:57 Tree
[r6108] by wdashley


2010-08-13 01:34:23 Tree
[r6107] by wdashley


2010-08-13 01:17:57 Tree
[r6106] by wdashley


2010-08-13 01:00:51 Tree
[r6105] by wdashley


2010-08-13 00:39:27 Tree
[r6104] by wdashley


2010-08-13 00:24:41 Tree
[r6103] by wdashley

New scripts for the new VMs.

2010-08-13 00:12:23 Tree
[r6102] by bjskelly

More updates for Mac OS X
Changes in support the creation of the files to build the installer package.

2010-08-12 22:39:31 Tree
[r6101] by miesfeld

Fix bug in .File::length where big files (> 4 GB) returned 0 for length

2010-08-12 19:22:33 Tree
[r6100] by miesfeld

1849356 ftpGET returns 0 when out of space

This commit fixes this bug in the current code base. Note that
David's fix back in December of 2007, probably fixed the bug

The current problem was a hang due to the thrdstatus attribute
being guarded.

2010-08-12 16:07:09 Tree
[r6099] by bjskelly

Initial implementation of script to perform automatic build of Mac OS X installer package. is script, and is template needed for install location. Actual command is packagemaker.

2010-08-12 05:27:51 Tree
[r6098] by miesfeld

Fix the comments of addRegisteredRoutine

2010-08-12 03:23:41 Tree
[r6097] by bjskelly

removing parens which were put in by accident. If I could only type.

2010-08-12 02:00:09 Tree
[r6096] by bjskelly

Numerous Changes specifically for Mac OS X compatibility
1. Bootstrap -- on re-reading email from Peter O'Gorman on the libtool team, I don't believe I implemented his suggestions correctly.
2. - this change was also recomended by Peter. These two changes, to bootstrap and allow one to cross compile on Mac OS X for various architectures.
3. ressutil.cpp - Somehow this change wasn't commited for 4.0.1. The Apple library doesn't have lseek64 or open64, the lseek and open functions are 64 bit compatible.
4. - added scripts to create the Mac OS X preflight and postflight scripts used by the installer. Scripts nolonger have hardcoded version numbers of paths.
5. postflight - this file has been removed because it is not created from via the make file.
6. - This is the new template for creating postflight
7. preflight - This file has been removed because it is now created from via the make file. - This is the new template for creating preflight.

2010-08-12 01:37:32 Tree
[r6095] by miesfeld

[1856698] RexxRegisterFunctionDLL returns undocumented error code

2010-08-11 20:22:26 Tree
[r6094] by miesfeld

[2869333] ooDialog - build.rex out of date

2010-08-10 23:15:33 Tree
[r6093] by miesfeld

1880799 RegEx parse('[0-'||'7F'x||']*') hangs

2010-08-10 19:23:34 Tree
[r6092] by miesfeld

3041121 Hostemu (execio) can't read read-only file in windows 7

2010-08-10 18:27:06 Tree
[r6091] by miesfeld

2981139 Error on GetEditControl for Category Dialog

2010-08-10 14:08:44 Tree
[r6090] by miesfeld

Fixes both:

[3041096] First linein on read-only file returns empty line
[3041121] Hostemu (execio) can't read read-only file in windows 7

On an implicit open, we first try to open as read write. This fails
for a read only file. We then try to open in read only mode. This
succeeds, but since we didn't clear errors from the first attempt,
the linein() which caused the implicit open fails. Since the file is
open, succeeding lineins work.

2010-08-09 23:07:55 Tree
[r6089] by jfaucher

Fix transient stream detection, after problem reported by Bruce
This is the same fix as for Windows, revision 5744.

2010-08-08 18:02:09 Tree
[r6088] by wdashley

Prepare for moving the build website to a new server.

2010-08-08 14:46:55 Tree
[r6087] by miesfeld

ooDialog - this commit finishes the implementation for PropertySheetDialog

2010-08-07 20:22:38 Tree
[r6086] by miesfeld

ooDialog - continue the implementation of the PropertySheetDialog

2010-08-02 02:45:16 Tree
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