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[r5807] by antiguru

Some more updates, but it's broken. Writing grammars is hard ;-)

2010-04-23 07:53:00 Tree
[r5806] by wdashley

Remove the nixclib from the incubator. Now merged into the trunk.

2010-04-22 18:38:41 Tree
[r5805] by wdashley

Add tests for new *nix rexxutil functions.

2010-04-22 18:37:22 Tree
[r5804] by wdashley

Added docs for the new rexxutil functions (from incubator nixclib project). Tests to follow.

2010-04-22 17:15:50 Tree
[r5803] by wdashley

Added lots of new rexxutil functions for *nix from the nixclib incubator project. Docs to follow.

2010-04-22 15:25:28 Tree
[r5802] by miesfeld

Fix tags so ooDialog reference will build

2010-04-22 13:50:11 Tree
[r5801] by antiguru

Some more updates, it's working better. Still need to implement full set of expressions.

2010-04-22 09:53:19 Tree
[r5800] by miesfeld

Fix symbolic links for Debian install, in trunk

2010-04-21 20:19:27 Tree
[r5799] by antiguru

Some updates. Still does not work.

2010-04-21 16:08:21 Tree
[r5798] by bigrixx

A few more updates

2010-04-21 00:04:40 Tree
[r5797] by bigrixx

Pull in parser class as the basis for the matcher implementation

2010-04-20 16:56:26 Tree
[r5796] by bigrixx

A lot more comments and a few improvements.

2010-04-20 13:28:30 Tree
[r5795] by bigrixx

A lot more comments and a few improvements.

2010-04-19 23:34:32 Tree
[r5794] by bigrixx

A lot more comments and a few improvements. Now I need to find my copy of Mastering Regular Expressions :-)

2010-04-19 18:03:11 Tree
[r5793] by bigrixx

Time to start filling in some of the helper classes

2010-04-18 23:20:35 Tree
[r5792] by miesfeld

Fix typo in 4.0.1 release notes

2010-04-17 17:34:57 Tree
[r5791] by miesfeld

Update the release notes file for a 4.0.1 rc1 release

2010-04-17 14:32:22 Tree
[r5790] by miesfeld

Some ooDialog doc update

2010-04-17 04:04:09 Tree
[r5789] by miesfeld

Trival comment update

2010-04-17 04:03:24 Tree
[r5788] by bigrixx

merge patch from Gil and some more cleanup

2010-04-16 23:19:20 Tree
[r5787] by bigrixx

a few more improvements

2010-04-15 20:28:06 Tree
[r5786] by wdashley

Small updates concerning AIX.

2010-04-15 19:11:44 Tree
[r5785] by wdashley

Tests and fixes for the xattr functions.

2010-04-15 18:35:14 Tree
[r5784] by wdashley

Add extended attribute functions.

2010-04-15 14:55:22 Tree
[r5783] by bigrixx

fix a few obvious errors

2010-04-14 22:35:12 Tree
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