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[r10056] by wdashley

Fix some file removal problems.

2014-05-08 21:01:57 Tree
[r10055] by wdashley

Yes! RPMs are now working. Got about 95% of the work done. But I can create and install the RPM and ooRexx seems to work.

2014-05-08 20:22:51 Tree
[r10054] by bigrixx

Remove commented out XALAN stuff

2014-05-08 19:48:10 Tree
[r10053] by wdashley

Fix problem I introduced.

2014-05-08 19:42:15 Tree
[r10052] by wdashley

Add all the misc files to the rpm.

2014-05-08 19:26:28 Tree
[r10051] by bigrixx

Generate the ooDialog class files and change svn revision number retrieval to work at build time

2014-05-08 19:10:40 Tree
[r10050] by wdashley

Replaced all the "/usr" references with the CMake variable CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX. Also added more rpm info.

2014-05-08 16:48:22 Tree
[r10049] by wdashley

This adds the pre and post scripts to the rpm file. Now for some testing.

2014-05-08 16:14:22 Tree
[r10048] by wdashley

Add more info to the generated spec file. Still need to add the pre and post scripts. But we are really close.

2014-05-08 15:59:00 Tree
[r10047] by bigrixx

More ooDialog build work

2014-05-08 14:38:43 Tree
[r10046] by antiguru

fix INSTALL_LIB_DIR on Debian (it is /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/), fix rxregexp install

2014-05-08 14:05:23 Tree
[r10045] by wdashley

More tweaks to the RPM build to fix a few problems. Looking better now.

2014-05-08 13:46:16 Tree
[r10044] by wdashley

This commit gets the creation of an rpm working. The rpm needs a little work but at least the process works.

2014-05-08 13:23:58 Tree
[r10043] by wdashley

Add first cut at building an rpm file. It does not work yet but the code does not hurt anything either.

2014-05-08 01:58:01 Tree
[r10042] by wdashley

Add INSTALL commands to most of the targets. This still needs to be done to the Windows targets.

2014-05-08 00:37:07 Tree
[r10041] by wdashley

Add versioning to the libraries.

2014-05-07 23:33:15 Tree
[r10040] by bigrixx

Add a prebuild command to rxapi to kill any running rxapi process first (windows only)

2014-05-07 20:56:25 Tree
[r10039] by wdashley

Success! The config.h file now looks like the autotools file except for the additions I made.

2014-05-07 19:25:56 Tree
[r10038] by bigrixx

better approach to setting linker flags

2014-05-07 17:30:42 Tree
[r10037] by bigrixx

tweak Windows compile and linking flags

2014-05-07 17:15:48 Tree
[r10036] by bigrixx

make rexximage build more portable with better dependency checking

2014-05-06 21:24:33 Tree
[r10035] by bigrixx

Some more work on the rexx.img generation

2014-05-06 20:35:01 Tree
[r10034] by wdashley

Add generation of the rexx.img file. Unfortunately it does not work. It hangs on the rexximage command. This is probably due to linking to the wrong libraries.

2014-05-06 19:36:05 Tree
[r10033] by bigrixx

reduce the number of places we require if() logic by setting some variables

2014-05-06 17:49:53 Tree
[r10032] by bigrixx

cleanup rxapi build a bit

2014-05-06 17:00:39 Tree
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