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+DBF.CLS - Readme
+This framework allows for the reading, writing, searching and traversing of DBF files
+of type 3: FoxBASE+/Dbase III plus, no memo
+It does NOT use or REINDEX any dBASE index files, but rather uses it's own 'in memory'
+It understands the following dbf data types
+   C - Character
+   D - Date
+   L - Logical
+   N - Numeric
+The code is intended as a demonstration of what can be done with ooRexx and comes
+entirely as/is without warrantee or support.
+It may or may not work with other DBF file types and it may or may not work to
+some extent with other data types.  You are welcome to extend it or support it
+As the original Author I can take no responsibility for your data and strongly
+encourage you to back up any critical data in your DBF files before playing with
+or relying on this.
+It is not my intention to encourage anyone in a greenfield environment to choose dBASE
+or one of it's descendants as a database for ooRexx.
+There are many other suitable and relational databases available.
+A good place to start would be ooRexx's native support for SQLLite
+If you are forced through legacy to interact with DBF files, then other free options that
+you might try which might be more suitable and/or have more support than this might include
+1) RexxSQL for odbc with Microsoft dBASE Driver
+2) BSF4ooRexx with JDBC
+Here is some code to help you establish a connection with option 1
+|  if rxfuncquery('SQLLoadFuncs')
+|  then call rxfuncadd 'SQLLoadFuncs', 'REXXSQL', 'SQLLoadFuncs'
+|  call SQLloadfuncs
+|  connection = 'DBF1'
+|  connectString = .array~of('Driver={Microsoft dBASE Driver (*.dbf)}',
+|                           ,'DriverID=277',
+|                           ,'Dbq=c:\dbfFolder')~makestring('l',';')
+|  rv = SQLconnect(connection,,,,connectString)
+|  if rv < 0 then say rv': Could not connect using' connectString
+Enjoy this demonstration code
+Jon Wolfers 2014