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[r10025] by wdashley

Add new file for hostemu.

2014-05-05 18:45:38 Tree
[r10024] by wdashley

Fix hostemu sothat both *nix and Windows versions are built.

2014-05-05 18:36:19 Tree
[r10023] by bigrixx

add some code to get the svn revision number

2014-05-05 18:21:54 Tree
[r10022] by wdashley

Make hostemu *nix only.

2014-05-05 17:51:51 Tree
[r10021] by bigrixx

get orexxole to build under cmake. Required renaming all .c files to .cpp

2014-05-05 17:48:27 Tree
[r10020] by wdashley

Added and moved some comments and definitiona around to put them with the target section they applied to. Nothing big here.

2014-05-05 15:31:43 Tree
[r10019] by wdashley

Add hostemu section. We will ignore the dependency on hostemu.ypp for now.

2014-05-05 15:23:51 Tree
[r10018] by bigrixx

Add rexxhide and rexxpaws for Windows build

2014-05-05 15:07:20 Tree
[r10017] by bigrixx

passing in the manifest file name

2014-05-05 11:23:22 Tree
[r10016] by bigrixx

Fix some oodialog .rc file build errors

2014-05-05 11:09:49 Tree
[r10015] by bigrixx

add .rc files to .exe files. Need to sortout manifest usage

2014-05-04 23:47:33 Tree
[r10014] by bigrixx

add .def and .rx files to extension libraries

2014-05-04 22:53:10 Tree
[r10013] by bigrixx

Fix rexxutil linux build problem

2014-05-04 22:42:22 Tree
[r10012] by bigrixx

Some fixups for Windows

2014-05-04 22:34:42 Tree
[r10011] by wdashley

Too many additions to list here. But a lot of work has been done.

2014-05-04 20:39:17 Tree
[r10010] by wdashley

Remove debug message.

2014-05-03 20:11:17 Tree
[r10009] by wdashley

Remover extraneous text from config.h.

2014-05-03 20:05:44 Tree
[r10008] by wdashley

Fix the path for the config.h and set a variable so that it is always included.

2014-05-03 19:58:05 Tree
[r10007] by wdashley

Fix so that the config.h file will be in the include path for all targets.

2014-05-03 19:05:39 Tree
[r10006] by wdashley

Fixed a few more problems with the generation of the config.h file.

2014-05-03 18:54:49 Tree
[r10005] by bigrixx

Add documentation on how to use/update rexxmsg.xml and PrimitiveBehaviours.xml

2014-05-03 12:43:18 Tree
[r10004] by wdashley

Oops, forgot one entry.

2014-05-03 03:37:20 Tree
[r10003] by wdashley

Added generating the confi.h hrader file. This fixed most of the problems, but not all. I get error from interpreter/platform/unix/MiscSystem.cpp. But I don't think they are caused by the new config.h.

2014-05-03 03:36:15 Tree
[r10002] by bigrixx

Add resources to cmake libraries, cleanup old build to use consistent defines

2014-05-02 23:32:54 Tree
[r10001] by bigrixx

Create windows batch files for generating source files from xsl

2014-05-02 21:58:33 Tree
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