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"Chapter 4. Objects and Classes"

Referring to rev. 709

in general: indented code underneath of directives to let the directive stand
out for easier reading/orientation

p. 89, 2nd sentence: added '("attributes")' right after 'object variables'

p. 89, added "Metaclasses" as a fourth kind of class (explained as an own class
type in the text already!)

p. 89, RFE (not changed in the patch file): first sentence after "4.1.1 Object
Classes": "An object class is like a factory for producing objects." - I think
that this characterization is not really helping people to understand what is
meant. Also the next sentence "An object class creates objects (instances)..."
should be reformulated to "An object class allows creating objects

p. 90, Changing " Metaclasses" to "4.1.4. Metaclasses" (same level as
the previous one), by supplying the closing tag "" to the previous
section "Abstract Classes". [To balance the sections, one closing section tag
after the Metaclasses section got removed.]

p. 91, middle of page, emphasized "Version 1", edited and added comments to code

p. 92, middle of page, emphasized "Version 2", edited and added comments to code

p. 93, changed title to "4.2. Creating and Using Classes and Methods"

p. 94ff, indenting the following sections under "4.2":
- "4.3. Using Classes" to 4.2.1
- "4.4. Scope" to 4.2.2
- "4.5. Defining Instance Methods..." to 4.2.3
- "4.6. Method Names" to 4.2.4
- "4.7. Default Search Order for..." to 4.2.5
- "4.8. Defining an UNKNOWN Mehtod" to 4.2.6
- "4.9. Changing the Search Order" to 4.2.7
- "4.10. Public and Private Methods" to 4.2.8
- "4.12. Initialization" to 4.2.9
- "4.13. Object Destruction and..." to 4.2.10
- "4.14. Required String Values" to 4.2.11
- "4.15. Concurrency" to 4.2.12

p. 100, renaming "4.16. Classes Provided by Rexx" to "4.3 Overview of Classes
and Methods Provided by Rexx"

p. 97, Moving section "4.11. The Class Hierarchy" to the top of p. 101,
underneath, and should now read "4.3.1 The Class Hierarchy"

p. 101-102, supplying the missing closing parenthesis ")" in the figure titles.

p. 102, Renaming "4.17. Summary of Methods by Class" to "4.3.2 Cross-reference
of Methods", moving it underneath "4.3"

Final remark: the class hierarchy (4.3.1) is not complete yet and would need an
update once 3.2.0 gets freezed.


  • Rony G. Flatscher

    patch for "provide.sgml"

  • David Ashley

    David Ashley - 2007-08-27

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    Fixed in SVN revision 717.



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