#383 FileNameDialog filemask

Lee Peedin

If the filemask string is not terminated with a '0'x the dialog will produce a line of "garbage" in the file type pull down.

ooDialog should automatically add this termination if the user does not supply it.


  • Lee Peedin

    Lee Peedin - 2007-08-11
  • Lee Peedin

    Lee Peedin - 2007-08-11

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    see attached image file
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  • Mark Miesfeld

    Mark Miesfeld - 2007-08-11

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    Committed revision 669.

    Added code in ooDialog to supply the second required NULL.

    The underlying C function requires that the 'filter' argument be terminated with 2 NULLs rather than the normal 1 NULL.

    This is easily done by the implementors ooDialog, who should understand this requirement. On the other hand, it seems unreasonable to me to expect the ooRexx programmer to understand this requirement.

    Although a documentation update could have been done to specify that the ooRexx programmer needs to add a '0'x to the end of the argument, this is the type of detail that I think ooDialog is designed to hide.



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