Mark Miesfeld - 2007-06-20

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Committed revision 483.

The fix was as follows:

When loading the functions from the library, the ooDialog classes first check, using RxFuncQuery, if the InstXXX function is available. If not, RxFuncAdd for the InstXXX function is called. ooDialog checks the return and quits if there was an error.

If there is an error, the code should call RxFuncDrop for the InstXXX function so that the next time through, ooDialog will again try to load the functions. If there is still a problem with the library, then ooDialog will fail again. Without the RxFuncDrop, the next time through, ooDialog will proceed as if everything is okay, when in fact the functions are not loaded.

The code was changed to add a call to RxFuncDrop where appropriate.