#228 Exectuion Error window not useful


I accidentally put the following line of code into an existing script which was being included in a program using the ::requires directive:

if \ var('leftX')' then leftX = 10

The error in the line is the unneeded single quote after the right parenthesis. When I ran my program, ooRexx 3.1.1 produced a Windows XP error window with the single line:

"Open Object Rexx program execution failure: rc = -6"

The title of the error window is "Execution Error"

I have multiple script files that comprise my current program or project. It took a while for me to run down and find the mistake, since every time that I tried to run the program ooRexx immediately produced the error window and stopped.

This line of code is in a public routine and checks to see if an argument was passed to a parameter in a "use arg" statement for the routine. It seems to me that ooRexx could have provided some information as to where the error was encountered -- as it does with many other error messages.


  • Terry

    Terry - 2007-01-20

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    Here is another execution error problem similar to the original one which I reported. The line of code is in the same script file which is included in my ooRexx program using a ::requires directive. The erroneous line of code is:

    .local~tab =

    The "Execution Error" window has the single line:

    "Open Object Rexx program execution failure: rc = -35"

    Again, no helpful location information is provided with the error message.

  • Mark Miesfeld

    Mark Miesfeld - 2007-01-20

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    It looks to me that you are using rexxhide to run your program. rexxhide, although documented sparsely, is documented in the Programming Guide as not producing any console output.

    I believe that, to solve the real problem of it being hard to find the mistake, when you get the Execution Error message box you should turn around and run your program without using rexxhide, from a console window. You should then see the normal error messages and be able to track the error down.

    At the point where rexxhide puts up the message box, there is no access to the normal ooRexx error messages.

    I ran a simple test where, when using rexxhide, I get the Error Execution message box saying: "Open Object Rexx program execution failure: rc = -6"

    Then when I turn around and run the program without using rexxhide I get:

    5 - varU = varT || 'Hello
    Error 6 running E:\work.ooRexx\other\bugs\bug.1639611\test.rex line 5: Unmatched "/*" or quote
    Error 6.2: Unmatched single quote (')

  • Terry

    Terry - 2007-01-20

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    The script that I require is a personal library script. The program with which I am having trouble requires this library script. I ran the program for several weeks using rexx.exe. After I was sure that the program worked properly I started using rexxhide.exe. Further, I invoked the program by hotkey from a Windows macro program. Everything worked fine for weeks. Yesterday I began making some changes in this general library script.

    This is the first time that I have used rexxhide.exe. I had read the documentation on rexxhide.exe, and I simply did not make the connection.

    Now that you have pointed out the problem, it all makes sense. There is no problem in ooRexx 3.1.1.

    Thank you again.




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