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#1019 wsh - language="Object Rexx" not recognized

WSH (6)

I have been trying to get open object rexx to work with html using wsh. "Object Rexx' is not being recognized as a script language, i.e. - <script language="Object Rexx">. I am using windows 7 64bit and IE8 both 64bit and 32bit. I even tried to use the code directly from the manual. Can someone shed some light on this?


  • Mark Miesfeld

    Mark Miesfeld - 2011-09-12

    WSH is disabled in the current released versions of ooRexx 4.x

    The WSH implementation code was not compatible with the changes to the ooRexx interpreter implementation code needed to support 64-bit. The amount of work needed to fix the WSH implementation is substantial. At the time the decision was made to disable WSH rather than make all users wait, probably forever, for a 64-bit ooRexx and the other enhancements added to ooRexx 4.x.

    The intention is to re-enable WSH is a future release of ooRexx. However, the time frame is dependent on a developer coming forward with the skill, time, and interest to fix the WSH implementation code.

    The release notes state that WSH is disabled. I see that the WSH doc should be changed to clearly indicate that WSH is disabled in 4.x version of ooRess and I'll fix that.

  • Mark Miesfeld

    Mark Miesfeld - 2011-09-13

    Hi Sandford,

    I tried replying to the e-mail you sent me, but it was rejected for some reason. So, I'm putting it in here.

    You said:

    I just wanted to thank you for your response on this. I am a retired
    programmer who was a rexx expert. I also used the original IBM Object
    Rexx. Can you tell me which older version of OORexx will work with
    WSH and which version of IE will work. Also, will it work with Windows

    My reply is:

    ooRexx 3.2.0 has WSH enabled. ooRexx 3.2.0 should work fine on Windows 7. I don't know that WSH will work for the latest version(s) of IE, but there is no reason I know of that it wouldn't work.

    The original samples were written before Microsoft became security conscious. So, as I remember, for some of the samples they won't work unless you set the IE security level to very low. You may have to play a round a little with that.

    We have things set to close comments when a bug is closed, which is why you couldn't add a comment to this item.

    A great place to ask questions is RexxLA. There are many current and retired IBM employees there:

    there is a small yearly fee to be a memember.

    I also encourage people to ask questions on the ooRexx user list. You can subscribe to the list at:

    the list is low volume with no spam I've ever seen.



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