You can simply select your language from here:
This folder contains Impress layout backgrounds. You have to translate fields in File - Properties. I set the language of templates so you don't care about.

For education templates:

If you want to translate more templates you can advise me more stuff from English pool from here:

I would like to see more and more translated templates for every supported languages. Note: also you can send me templates that was cerated by you.

If you are interested (I hope you do) I can upload this basic templates compilation to sf.net in one zip file. You only have to translate I will change the language of templates with a small program.

Best regards,


Hi Kami,

I am in. Please send me a few files to translate for the beginning.


On 10/26/07, KamiHír <kamihir@freemail.hu> wrote:
> Hi!
> I made a first step to provide templates for all supported languages. I
> added five Impress layer templates (background) to all languages. I set
> the language elements via script and I will do same for titles too.
> Here I need your help, because you have to translate these strings. I
> will provide you a small textfile to do this. I hope you can help us.
> Also I would like to translate more templates this way. Also I found a
> cool tool - OmegaT - which can translate OpenOffice.org documents
> directly. You can download it here: http://www.omegat.org/en/omegat.html
> I kindly ask you to translate some templates to your language. If you
> want I can search and send you templates that easy to translate.
> Also I want to create a small framework to automatize some text
> extraction, translation, rewrite of templates to makd our wouk easier.
> If you can you can help me to archieve this.
> And what about a small site for translation where users can login then
> translate the new or changed translation strings on a easy-to-use website?
> That is all!
> Best regards,
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