Runtime Error!

  • MaikH

    MaikH - 2009-02-20

    I have switched from an updated OOo3.01 to Oxygen OOo_3.0.1_090217 on a pc with Win_XP_SP3_IT and Java

    I have first uninstalled OOo and after I installed Oxygen. It did not started. So I uninstalled, deleted the '\Programmi\ 3' dir, cleaned the register and reinstalled. Now the quick-start opens, and it is possible to create a new default document with writer, but every time I try to open an existing document or create a new one starting from an existing model, I get the following popup error an the program closes:

    "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime library
    This appliaction has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way
    Please contact the application's support team for more information."

    After some tries, without any other change, it seems to work well now! Any help to understand the problem, in case it comes back?

    • MaikH

      MaikH - 2009-02-23

      Problem solved: I just deleted the uno_packages\cache in my user applications directory...


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