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Exception creating document from Template

  • Greg Bullock

    Greg Bullock - 2010-05-04

    This may not be the most appropriate place to post this.  I'm using OxygenOffice Professional 3.2 (OOo_3.2.0_100224_Win32Intel_install.exe), but this problem would probably also occur with other variants of

    After clicking File: New: Templates & Documents: Business Letter 1 (or 2, or 3, or …): Open, the document gets created as hoped, but I get Basic exception with the error message:
      An exception occurred.

    The Basic editor is displayed with the cursor on line 159 in .Tools, as shown in the source code snippet below:

    Function LoadDialog(Libname as String, DialogName as String, Optional oLibContainer)
    Dim oLib as Object
    Dim oLibDialog as Object
    Dim oRuntimeDialog as Object
        If IsMissing(oLibContainer ) then
            oLibContainer = DialogLibraries
        End If
        oLib = oLibContainer.GetByName(Libname)  '<-- This line throws Exception
        oLibDialog = oLib.GetByName(DialogName)
        oRuntimeDialog = CreateUnoDialog(oLibDialog)
        LoadDialog() = oRuntimeDialog
    End Function

    Setting a breakpoint here and using the Watch window, some of the variables have values as follows:

    Libname = "Template"
    DialogName = "TemplateDialog"
    oLibContainer type = DialogLibraries
      oLibContainer.ContainerLocationName = "Dialogs"
      oLibContainer.ImplementationName = ""

    How can I fix this?  Please let me know what further information I may provide that could be helpful.

  • Greg Bullock

    Greg Bullock - 2010-05-05

    Uninstalling OxygenOffice Professional 3.2 and installing (plain) 3.2 (OOo_3.2.0_Win32Intel_install_en-US.exe), I've confirmed that this problem affects 3.2 as well.

    I'm going to post the same question in a forum there.


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