Installing OOP 2.3.1 over OOP 2.0.4

  • Pixturesk

    Pixturesk - 2007-12-13

    I am currently running OOP 2.0.4 on a Win98SE, P3 600, 256 meg computer. Can I install OOP 2.3.1 over OOP 2.0.4 retaining my current configuration, templates, fonts, clip art etc, keeping everything EXACTLY THE SAME. I have no regular use for office software, just want to learn OOP for possible future use. i am a non-techie, not of the computer generation so learning OOP is an intellectual, as well as, a practical challenge. Also, for my sort of usage, is there enough change in OOP 2.3.1 to warrant  this new installation or am I better off just continuing to use OOP 2.0.4? Thanks.

    • Kami

      Kami - 2007-12-14

      The main rule is do not change anything in the user folder. So - theoretically it will work, and does not touch anything. But there is no garantee. So please save your related data in C:\Document and setting\<your name>\Appliacation data\OpenOfficeorg2 folder.

      Best regards,

    • Pixturesk

      Pixturesk - 2007-12-14

      Thanks KAMI. On my computer, the only user folder I can see for Open Office is at C:\windows\application data\open office\user. So, are you saying to leave that folder, as is, then install OOP 2.3.1 over 2.0.4.? When you say there is no guarantee, for a non-techie, like me, that scares me a little but I have all the extra templates etc. in another folder, so I can always incorporate them into 2.3.1 after I install it. Thanks again, Ken.

    • Pixturesk

      Pixturesk - 2007-12-16

      Kami. The install of OOP 2.3.1 over OOP 2.0.4 went perfectly, as per your suggestion not to touch the "User" folder. All my extra templates, personal configuration etc. were there. It works. Thanks again, Ken.

      • Kami

        Kami - 2007-12-16

        Hello Ken!

        Nice to hear that. I am very glad about it.


    • Pixturesk

      Pixturesk - 2007-12-17

      Kami. I just thought I might elaborate on just how the install went. After beginning the install process of OOP 2.3.1, it began to uninstall OOP 2.0.4, then, at a certain point, OOP 2.3.1 began to install itself, retaining, all my templates, personal configuration, EVERYTHING!! Then in C:\ProgramFiles, a new OpenOffice 2.3 Program Folder appears, as well as the former 2.0.4 Program Folder, which contains two left over sub folders. I then just delete the 2.0.4 Program Folder, leaving just the new 2.3.1 Program Folder. There were many new templates, so I just import them into my new 2.3.1 configuration. The only problem I continue to have is not being able to email a writer document directly from the "File" menu. I get an error message that OOP cannot locate my email client, Outlook Express 6, then tells me to save my writer document, then email it as an attachment from OE6. Even in "Tools", "Options", "Mail Merge", when it checks my email configuration, it cannot locate my outgoing server, which I list correctly. Any input on this. Thanks, Ken.


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