himagain2 - 2009-07-15

I understand that Oxygen is OO plus addins (lots of goodies!), ok?
However, I followed the download link from ver 2.2 Oxygen which was already on this machine and it did not  present me with 3.x at all. It offered me a bewildering lot of downloads of the earlier versions components.

Then from another source I got this address:
which keeps crashing - but is for v.3.x
It is a 1hr 45 min download @520 - but is this the whole prog?

Finally, the operator on this machine said that you have to uninstall any earlier versions to upgrade and was worried that doc files might be lost. (There are quite a few)

Hope someone does see this soon - doesn't look too active here! :-(
The v3.x seems great from write-ups I've looked at but all seemed to be focused on Linux.