How may I run the OxygenOffice Professional?

  • suCRACK

    suCRACK - 2007-12-07

    When i try to run from the icon on my menu, it runs the previously installed version 2.1.9

    I'm usin Mandriva 2007.1 Spring

    I've been installed the mandriva's desktop integration rpm too ( it doesn't works....

    Please help me about this....

    • Kami

      Kami - 2007-12-11

      Hello suCRACK!

      It shopuld appear under Office item. I am not a Mandriva user, so I am not sure about your system. If nothing help you can run the application from /opt/OpenOffice2/program folder. Look for soffice and other application.


      • suCRACK

        suCRACK - 2007-12-12

        Thanks for your help i found it on /opt/OpenOffice2/program folder.

        I change the menu associations for the past openoffice to pointing to the oxygen...

        Tnx, again


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