Inappropriate Clip Art

  • Kenneth Sims

    Kenneth Sims - 2007-11-28

    In the People section of 2.3 clipart there are several images that are inappropriate for use in our Elementary Schools.  I am not suggesting that these be censored and removed from the install package.  I am looking for a simple way for us to remove them.  I do know each one can be deleted individually from the Gallery window by right clicking and choosing delete.

    However, I would like to create a script to automate this deletion.  The problem I have is locating where these images are stored.  They are not in the traditional Gallery location and I have been unable to find the files via a simple search.  The other pictures in the People category are easy to find, but not the inappropriate female clips.

    Thanks in advance for help locating these files.

    Ken Sims
    Technology Coordinator, Bellefontaine City Schools

    • Kami

      Kami - 2007-11-29

      Hello Ken!

      Thank you for your letter, and thank you for using our products!
      Your point of view is welcome.
      The files in gallery can be located in external files and embedded into gallery files. The questionable pictures are embedded files.
      If you want to remove fully go to "Your Office folder/share/gallery" then delete sg2276.* files (three files) then you can remove the ./Draws/People folder.
      If you want to remove those pictures only you have to do it in one installation then save sg2276.* files (three files) from "Your Office folder/share/gallery. Overwrite these three files with your modded version on every machine. In the future I might separate into two gallery the people gallery, so you have to delete the unliked cliparts only. If you want this please register a Feature request in the Tracker.

      I hope it will solve your problem.


      • Kenneth Sims

        Kenneth Sims - 2007-11-29

        Thanks for your reply.  Your instructions were right on. 
        I created a script to replace the existing files with ones from a computer where I had manually deleted the images I didn't want.  Problem solved.

        The only feature I'd suggest would be to indicate the file name holding the embedded images be displayed like the external file locations.  Then I'd know which file to modify and re-distribute. 
        Example:  People - dd2011 (C:\Program Files\ 2.3\share\gallery\sg2276)

        I'll add that as a Feature Request.

    • Kami

      Kami - 2007-11-29

      You can right click on theme names and select properties. The popping windows will show the affected files. So it is enough to me. I plan to close your Feature Request I you do not mind.

    • Kenneth Sims

      Kenneth Sims - 2007-11-29

      I see that.  Now that I know that, the Feature Request is not needed.
      Feel free to close it.

      Thank you for your prompt help with this issue.


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