OOO3 does not overwrite OO3

  • Simon Cropper

    Simon Cropper - 2009-01-20


    I have been using OpenOffice 3 on a windows XP Pro machine.

    I wanted to install OxygenOffice 3 so that I was able use some of the advanced features.

    Downloaded latest OxygenOffice and tried writing over current OpenOffice Installation. The installation routine stopped with the message that the program (Oxygen Office) is already installed - it is not.

    I have tried to install the OxygenOffice extensions (templates and accesories) to no avail.

    Anyone have an idea what is going on? Should I do a complete reinstall?

    • Vector Czar

      Vector Czar - 2009-02-03

      I have (had) the same experience.

      I fear this entire project is not long for this world. I've been monitoring your post in hopes of a response, and to date, there's been none.

      What a shame.


      • Kami

        Kami - 2009-02-03

        Sorry for the delay.
        So same version of OOo must removed before you can install OOOP. We might fix it in the next release. Until that you can download the freshly available 3.0.1 version.

        • Vector Czar

          Vector Czar - 2009-02-03


          Good news. I had OpenOffice 3.0.0 installed when I first tried to update to Oxygen OOP 3.0.0 and couldn't.

          I downloaded OOP3.0.1 and it updated just fine.



    • John, Wizened Web Wizard Wannabe


      Still bad news. OOP3.0.1 does not overwrite OOO3.0.1 I glad your going to fix this for the next release.

      In the mean time, I have uninstalled OOO3.0.1 and installed OOP3.0.1. And everything is OK? NOT!

      One of my spreadsheet formulas doesn't work: =E40+IF(D41="",C41,0) where C41 is a dash.

      Before the unistall/install do-si-do, it valued the dash as zero. Now I get a #VALUE! error. I replaced the dash with a zero and it works but, the dash comes from an INDEX into a huge budget table with thousands of dashes. I don't remember if this is configurable or not. If so, the do-si-do undid it. If not, ???  In either case,I can work around this one and the next one, etc.

      However, the big question is: "How many more of these dropping shoes are there?"

      The whole point of this harange is: I understood the risks when I decided to dance the uninstall/install do-si-do. I'm willing to fight these annoyances in order to achieve some not yet realised advantages of Oxygen Office. But....

      There are many more potential users that won't venture passed the "Already installed" screen. Also, long time OOo users will be more than annoyed when they realise that their configurations have been obliterated.

      It's time to address this issue, already.


      John Harvey, Wizened Web Wizard Wannabe
      “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” -Albert Einstein


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