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Multi language win32 missing

  • MisterMoonlight

    MisterMoonlight - 2009-02-06

    I have tried to download the win32 multilanguage version of ooop and cannot find it, only the linux version is there?

    The french version only is not working at all on my system. It is reported an error at startup saying that it cannot determined the language and stopping after that.

    The previous multilanguage version 3.0 from december was working correctly...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Are you using English (or non French)  Windows?

    • MisterMoonlight

      MisterMoonlight - 2009-02-08

      Windows XP English version with English-US regional settings...

    • Kami

      Kami - 2009-02-18
    • MisterMoonlight

      MisterMoonlight - 2009-02-20


      I have downloaded it. I will install and report the result soon.

      Keep the good work :-)

    • MisterMoonlight

      MisterMoonlight - 2009-02-21


      Yes the win32 version multi language is working correctly. I have tested french and english language and it worked.

      The single french language version is not working on my system.

      Thanks a lot

      How can i give some suggestions for future version?


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