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    So now that OO is in danger of being killed by Sun and some developers jumped to a new project - LibreOffice - will Oxygen follow that lead?

  • Stephen Burnett

    Stephen Burnett - 2010-10-09

    You misunderstand or misconstrue what LibreOffice is.  It is a "fork" of

    Simply put, what a "fork" is, is a new control or development organization that is taking the actual CodeBase of a project from a certain point in time, then assuming development control and responsibility going forward.  The original "brand" may revert to some other form of control in a parallel development path.  This is a phenomenon long known to FOSS  projects. was setup and exists in this very environment with FOSS as it's underlying philosophy.  Also, what this allows for is in the event that something of a "hostile takeover" takes place such as Oracle's Acquisition of SUN, that most of the core developers of have themselves have done this "fork" and stood up and said :

    "We want to be FOSS and whatever Oracle wants to do, they can do, but we are preserving this project as a FOSS project.  If Oracle wishes to contribute to the new project, we welcome them, and if they wish to donate the trademark of to, then we will be willing to rename it as  At any rate, the development team that gave the world the free project that is known and loved around the world by millions will be here and will remain free, just as it  always has been."

    Most of us in the real world know that Larry Ellison and Oracle are in no way devotees of FOSS, and Oracle's recent purchase of SUN, coupled with their decision to shut down and discontinue SOLARIS makes their intention crystal clear.  The very people who built into perhaps the world's most popular FOSS software are now working at the Document Foundation instead.

    Thus, I believe, it is safe to assume that OxygenOffice will follow the lead of LibreOffice.  The reason I seem so self-assured about this is because OxygenOffice is ALSO a purely FOSS project, developed and maintained under the same standards as LibreOffice now is, and as formerly was until it was acquired by Oracle.

    I hope this dispels any misunderstanding.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Yes, I misunderstood - but did not actively misconstrue anything.

    However, given that:
    - Oracle immediately upon acquiring Sun changed its licensing of the ODF plugin for MS Office from free to paid ($99), with a minimum purchase (100 units) and extra charges for support;
    - The very popular free OpenSolaris and MySQL were simply dumped by Oracle and left to die alone;
    - James Gosling quit Oracle (;
    - Recently the Board of the OpenOffice project has quit and started its own project;

    Isn't it fair to wonder what will happen to the Oracle version of OO: will it also be abandoned in favour of their commercial StarOffice, leaving the only surviving OO projects to be such as the new base LibreOffice and additions like OxygenOffice?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    LibreOffice looks like it will be better than Open Office.  Upgrades and enhancements might start going faster because it's not just tied to one company like it was with Sun.  One former fork of Open Office called Goo-Office has joined itself to LibreOffice already and ported its code and enhancements directly into the LibreOffice code.  Big names like Novell and Cannonical are jumping on this and supporting it to the hilt.  This might turn out to be a very good thing.  Will Oxygen Office merge its code as well?

  • Bradley D. Thornton

    I see people talking, yet it seems they aren't listening to each other.

    OxygenOffice is a feature packed exension of OpenOffice. it is not a fork, per se', yet it does incorporate some things like:

    * Several fixes and performance enhancements
    * Spellcheking and language support updates
    * Integrated WatchWindow
    * Handles one million row in Calc
    * Enhanced SVG inport capabilities
    * Improved EMF rendering
    * Works, WordPerfect WPG, Lotus Word Pro import
    * Enhanced performance
    * Gstreamer multimedia integration for Linux operating systems
    * 3D Impress effects for Linux
    * And many more smaller improvments

    Some of those things aren't extensions, but rather, extensions of code which, might be offered/merged with code in OpenOffice (but that was before - we know EllisonCo isn't interested).

    The logical FOSS project to run with the torch is LibreOffice now, so it stands to reason that:

    1.) OxygenOffice will (from this point forward) be an extension of LibreOffice, and

    2.) Offer any code improvements developed on the OxygenOffice side of the fence to their upstream, LibreOffice - whether those are merged is another matter strictly for the LibreOffice team to decide upon.

    In short, what I think we can expect is:

    1.) nothing until LibreOffice wraps up w/this release candidate (OOo  is on RC9 and LO is on RC3 - both expected to be the last RCs).

    2.) All the kewlness of the upcoming LibreOffice, and then some - just how it was with OpenOffice (RIP) before it.

    FYI: Solaris hasn't been dumped at all. OpenSolaris got the boot and IllumOS has replaced it (or is at least hopeful that it will). Solaris is no longer free either, and "Oracle Solaris 11" is what you're going to start seeing.

    Yes. it totally sucks what Oracle is doing to the Sun brand and product line. I would say that Oracle sucks, but they really don't - what they stand for, and what they're doing might, but that just adds impetus to the FOSS projects that will obviate it.

    Oh, yeah, and don't forget MariaDB - the drop in replacement for MySQL (Named after Monty's other daughter, Maria, instead of My). He left when it was still Sun, and I don't think that 'dangling' is how I would characterize MySQL's predicament at this juncture ;)

    Kindest regards,

    Bradley D. Thornton
    Manager Network Services


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    If that's the case can we have separate packs for templates and cliparts etc. Since the core is most likely going to be the same as go-oo is also merging with LibreOffice.

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    Is there a release of OOOP 3.3 planned for the very near future?? Secunia PSI reports me 3.2 to be a threat and that I ought to update…

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    WHY ????????????

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    T0 #8:
    a) Have you at least updated to the current 3.2.1 version? 3.2 had some issues that were fixed;
    b) I am not a programmer and cannot contribute, therefore I don't complain nor pressure. We all know that those who can should also contribute code and that Kami would appreciate help - it is a large task for one person, and it takes time and effort (which we all appreciate very much)!

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    I meant #9, not #8…. sorry!


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