Multiple users

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Is it possible to add OxygenOffice Clipart extension to multiple users in a simple way?

    • Kami

      Kami - 2008-10-17

      Yes you can. Try to install as root/administrator or

      With this command:

      unopkg add --shared extension-path...


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I've tried this, but get a message that it's not possible do install this extension in this way, because of the licence. Every single user must agree with the licence.

    • Kami

      Kami - 2008-10-20

      I'll review the code and try to provide the best solution.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      A temporary work-aournd is as follows.

      Rename ~templates~.oxt to
      Extract description.xml to temporary location
      Open description.xml in a text editor
              <simple-license  accept-by="user"
              <simple-license  accept-by="admin"

      Save the description.xml and place it back into, overwriting the original
      Rename back to .oxt
      Install the template packs using extention manager from within and choose to isntall for all users

      I don't take any responsiblilty for you using this option, as I'm not sure what the ramifications of changing the install type are for the license.

      • Kami

        Kami - 2008-11-15

        I will introduce these changes in the distrubuted extensions.

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      I would like to be able to add the gallery extension and also the Open Clip Art Library (from\) to multiple users.
      In addition, I would like to be able to set that all users automatically:
      1 - Load and save their documents in MSOffice format (many do work at home where they have only MSOffice);
      2 - Have support for a CTL language set in their profile.
      All systems are running MS Windows 2000/XP. In out environment many users will login to many different computers at various locations (think of a school-type setting, with teachers and students roaming the campus and only the office staff staying "static").

      In other words: when a user on the domain logs into a computer, whether for the first time or not, s/he will be able to:
      1 - Work with MSOffice documents transparently, not converting those to/from OpenOffice formats;
      2 - Be able to type in the other language (CTL-type) with the same ease they would have using MSOffice.
      3 - Be able to use the Open Clip Art Library.

      Is there a way to configure a scrip to copy at least the first two settings to the "default user", "all users", or individual user profiles to enable them without having each user go through the menus on every computer they use?



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