#9 Saving Preamble in Document


It would be good to save the preamble and the default settings in the Openoffice document (probably as comments?) so that when the document is open, OOoLaTeX can extract the preamble and settings that were used last time. This way the document will be self-contained and not rely on the externally saved preamble file. It will also allow different documents to use different preambles.


  • gpiroux

    gpiroux - 2007-11-08
    • status: open --> closed
  • gpiroux

    gpiroux - 2007-11-08

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    In fact the feature is already present in the OOoLatex package since the test series toward the version 3.0 ( OOoLatexMacro-test5.tar.gz).

    To save the preamble and the general configuration into the document, just configure OOoLatex as desired (no need to click on save, the button apply is there to set the configuration and preamble for the current session). Then, in the main window, check the "Embedded" switch. Any other modification of the configuration/preamble will be saved in the document description. You can even work with several documents simultaneously having different configurations...


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