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Installation problem: file not found

  • TAV

    TAV - 2013-01-03

    I have already succeeded in installing OooLatex on a Windows XP machine once. However, that machine resides over 500 km of where I am now, and I have run out of money for train tickets. But, no problem, I'm up for the task again!

    When I try to make a formula with OooLatex, I get the an error in the line: Shell(sShellCommand, 4, sShellArg, true) . It says it's a BASIC error and a file is not found. I have installed CygWin, MinGW, MiKTeX and Ghostscript and configured their bin folders.

    I am in a dire situation and cannot afford to give up. However, last time I did succeed within a week. I have no recollection of what I did. I only remember a loyal friend standing by my side. He couldn't help, but he could support me.

  • TAV

    TAV - 2013-01-27

    What does the error message I am getting mean?

  • TAV

    TAV - 2013-02-08


    After yelling at my girlfriend for a week I found a solution!

    She's the best.

  • Carton

    Carton - 2016-06-11

    Getting this error as well. Thanks for your help on this TAV. I'll give your girlfriend a call first thing in the morning, I should have her number around here somewhere. Is there anything specific that I should be yelling or will it be ok just to be loud and angry?


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