Unable to create multi-line equations

  • Naim Falandino

    Naim Falandino - 2010-09-19

    I'm somewhat new to TeX in general, so it's possible I'm doing something basic wrong, but I can't get any multi-line equations to work using OOoLatex, aligned or otherwise. For example if I type something completely basic like

    x = 2 + 2 \\
    = 4

    Into the Equation editor it prints:  /beginalignx = 2 + 2 = 4/endalign

    Even taking out the /begin{align} and /end{align} and leaving in the line break it puts it all on one line. I've tried this using both display and inline modes. I'm inputing the equation into a Write document.

    I'm using the latest (September 2010) MacTeX bundle.

    Any thoughts on things I could try?

  • Naim Falandino

    Naim Falandino - 2010-09-19

    I realized immediately after I posted I mistakenly put /begin and /end instead of \begin and \end. When I do this it doesn't even render the equation. Instead it pops up a huge dialog that goes off the edge of my screen. Once I get the window so that I can see the full error text it states that \begin{align} is only allowed in paragraph mode.

    There's obviously got to be a way to input multi-line equations, right?

  • ynk1

    ynk1 - 2010-09-20


    It works for me under the "Text" mode.



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