#6 Indent vs chorus/verse labels


Another distinctive about the layout of the PCOP sheets
is that they don't
indent to show chorus or bridge. They have little text
labels out to the
left of the song text that are colinear with the start
of the verse,
or bridge that show "chorus" or "verse 1" or "verse 2".
It might be nice
have this as an alternate style option.


  • Jonathan Daley

    Jonathan Daley - 2003-07-24

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    Perhaps we could add a {startofbridge}/{sob:} tag
    and then assume
    anything else is a verse? I guess this is sort of getting
    towards what
    Peter wants, an XML language. I believe there is
    significant value in
    staying with the current format, as I believe the majority
    of the people
    who use a non-binary format use the chord format. But, we
    have added a
    number of custom tags. Perhaps we could add {verse}/{sov:} and
    {pre-chorus:} -- I know there are a couple songs that use
    that, although I
    think the name is sort of funny. Hm... perhaps we could
    take any tag we
    don't recognize and print it in the left margin? Although
    it is nice that
    it currently chokes on typos in the tags.
    It is easy to have it not indent on choruses.

  • Peter Venable

    Peter Venable - 2003-07-24
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