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Beta 2 Released!

After about a months wait, Beta 2 has been released and is up for download on the downloads page. It doesn't have a WYSIWYG editor yet but it includes a fixed installation file, a simple Auth system and comments.

Posted by Aled Owen 2007-05-12

Regarding Beta 2

We hoped to release the second Beta of One-News ages ago, we never got round to it. To give people what they are waiting for. We have rewritten it with the some neat features with the help of the PHP/Mac mastermind Schlaeps:

The new version of this will include "Commenting", "Installation", "Admin Panel", "Preinstalled Style" and more. It might take a bit more time but it'll be worth it. Bye!

Posted by Aled Owen 2007-05-11

Beta 2 Release Coming Up!

As we haven't had time to simply fix the problems which were in the first version of Beta 2, we've just added a load of stuff which we were going to add in the 3rd Beta. This includes a small Auth system, an installation file (almost) and a BB-Code editor. Then it will need to be packaged and uploaded, which will take about 10 minutes. We think it will be finished around next week, bear with us. Thanks.

Posted by Aled Owen 2007-05-01

Beta 2

Beta 2 was put on hold for things related to One-BB and my film, so now I have actually got round to creating One-BB Beta 2. It dosen't work much more than Beta 1 did, there are some improved things and I have included an SQL file in the script for you to use rather than guessing. If there are any problems, shove them in the bug tracker. Otherwise, you can download from the Download page.

Posted by Aled Owen 2007-04-23

Beta 2 Soon!

Beta 2 of the software will be nice and soon! I´m currently working on a better auth type thing based with phpBB3. There is gonna be a version of this stuff for both stand alone intergration, intergration with MyBB, phpBB2 and phpBB3, maybe with Simple Machines Forums, probably never with Invision Power Board, the dodgy pricing isn´t enough to make me get it.

Enough with that, this new version may contain an installation file, which means better setup of the DB and Automatic Table population rather than having to manually do it. Anyway, thanks for reading.... read more

Posted by Aled Owen 2007-04-11

Beta 1 Released

Beta 1 of the Project is released, it may not work we don't know, but so far so good. You can find a working link to the download on the project website. This version is best used with an Authorization System until RC1 is released. RC1 will contain it's own Authorization system built in.

Not everything will be in this version. In Beta 2 the following things will be included:

Pre-Database file which can be imported into your DB management software.
Very tiny (But secure) authorization system.... read more

Posted by Aled Owen 2007-04-08

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