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One-JAR 0.97 Released

Available for download through the web-site at SourceForge, New features include support for Spring, Guice, Maven, and Log4j configuration, and an Application Generator for quick-st art.

Posted by P. Simon Tuffs 2010-07-16

One-JAR 0.96 Released

One-JAR version 0.96 is now released and available for download. See the documentation at for more information.

Posted by P. Simon Tuffs 2007-09-17

One-JAR 0.96 RC4 Preview Available

A preview release of One-JAR 0.96 is now available at the following location:

This code is not yet released, pending feedback from the community: that means you.

Please review the new documentation and try the new SDK and examples, and provide feedback through the help forums for this project.

And finally: thanks for using One-JAR!

Simon Tuffs.

Posted by P. Simon Tuffs 2007-03-09