#7 Replace/shade main by One-JAR artifact


I would like to be able to use my One-JAR artifact as the main artifact in Maven. Can I achieve this today? I am not sure, but I guess not - thus the feature request.


  • P. Simon Tuffs

    P. Simon Tuffs - 2013-03-19

    I'm not a maven expert, though I am no maintaining the maven side of one-jar. I'm going to try to translate what you ask into what I think you asked:

    "can I build a one-jar, deploy it to a maven repo, then advertise it and have others pull it (with all its embedded lib file) and build against it." I would guess that my knee-jerk answer would be "no", because the class files in embedded one-jar library and main jar files are not visible in the jar to a normal compilation process. There isn't a solution to this that I'm aware of, though I did start to experiment with running the java compiler as an in-process call to the JDK compiler support tools at one point, which would potentially let it see inside the one-jar files using the classloader trickery. But I didn't get very far with this.

    I'm happy to open up a discussion with you on this if you can provide input, and best if you can engage with the project to help me out with the mavennish things.


  • Alexander Kriegisch

    Hi Simon.

    Thanks for trying to translate, but what you suppose is not what I asked or what I need. It is much simpler. At the moment the main artifact of my build is a JAR containing my application classes (a simple, stand-alone Java SE program). Additionally I attach a One-JAR including all library dependencies for my users' convenience. Actually I do not need the main JAR, but just the One-JAR. I want to replace the former by the latter as the main artifact, semantically "overwriting" the former by the latter, because the One-JAR is all I care about. At the moment both artifacts get deployed though. I want the One-JAR to be deployed *only*, but under the name of the original JAR (without the "onejar" attached to the file name).

    Is this explanation more understandable?


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