once:radix version 1.0 (RC1) released

once:radix – the world's first browser-based Rapid Application Development platform for Intranet and eXtranet environments – was released at OSCON 2007. After 12 months of intensive development, once:technologies will celebrate the first anniversary of its launch with the release of once:radix version 1.0 on 23 July 2008.
Even developers with limited experience can quickly build sophisticated applications as most of the hard work has been done for you. But for advanced developers once:radix is a proven performer, with applications built on this platform now supporting businesses with large numbers of concurrent users in most parts of the world.
Release Candidate 1 is now available for download. Installers for Red Hat and Windows have been prepared. Debian and Mac OSX installers will be completed soon.
Built on the latest releases of some of the world’s best-of-breed open source projects, it includes PostgreSQL 8.3, Java 1.6 and Tomcat 6.
Now with a visual database designer, tables and fields can be constructed within the browser-based GUI editor. Tables, fields, joins, conditions and other database design functions are supported.
Significant improvements in speed and stability have been achieved through continued development. Other features include faster and improved drill-down tools, new server monitoring and debugging, and a lot more.
New, much improved documentation is nearing completion. During the final phase of development and system checkout, we invite the open source community to download the software and to register as reviewers of the reference manuals.

Posted by onceradix 2008-07-04

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