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  • Anonymous - 2007-12-05

    Read all the documentation on this. I notice that the latest downloads are still the intial release and dated Aug 07. Has this project died?

    I note comments that it lackes a Database Administration Tool. From my experience with FileMaker this seems integral to it being a FileMaker replacement. Particularly can I add fields on the run, can I add a new Database/Table, can I easily define a new relationship on the run? Or is this not the kind of admin being refered to?

    I use FileMaker to import and intgrate data from various sources as csv, tab and xls files and then export processed Quicken, MYOB, QIF, csv and tab financial files. Does once:radix have the ability to import and export so easily?

    Is it at a stage where a reasonable FileMaker user can apply similar skills and get it working? Or am I going to get frustrated from getting in to early?

    • onceradix

      onceradix - 2007-12-05


      With apologies to John Fitzgerald Kennedy:

      "Ask not what your open source project can do for you. Ask what you can do for your open source project."

      FileMaker is a multi-million-dollar company. There is no way to compare us with them. Of course, there would be, if there was an active user group. To date, the only person to make any sort of contribution to this project outside my company is Jonathan Lin in Canada.

      We released this project earlier than I would have liked because I was assured there would be a lot of offers of help. That has not happened. I think most of the people downloading our project are looking for free beer, not free speech.

      So the open source project is ticking along slowly while we continue to focus on staying in business.

      That said, we have almost finished the E-R Diagram-based database creation/editing tools within the editor. And I can tell you that it is really cool!

      It has taken longer than expected. I have delayed releasing this function until I am completely satisfied that it is 100% functional. I rate it at 99% right now. Our own developers have been using it and are really happy with the way it allows tables, fields and joins to be created within the editor. We expect to release it very soon. But not till we get the last couple of kinks out of it.

      The other key focus recently has been to build and release installers for Windows, Debian/Ubuntu and Red Hat/Centos packages.

      As for exporting data, that can be done with similar funtionality to other packages such as Access and FileMaker.

      I have been told that people are frightened by the beta in our editor release. We have been successfully building advanced Rich Internet Applications for more than two years. Yes it works very well, but turning it into a package that anyone can use is taking time.

      Without any real support from the open source community, it will have to tick along slowly within our limited resources or until people come forward to offer assistance.

      So if you want to have an open source database RAD system, I encourage you to step forward and roll up your sleeves!


      Rob Napier


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