ZIP distribution?

  • thomas kellerer

    thomas kellerer - 2009-08-22


    I was wondering if you will also be providing a zip distribution rather than an installer for windows?

    I prefer to unpack archives to "magic" installers even though that migh require to edit config files here and there.

    • onceradix

      onceradix - 2009-08-23


      I had hoped to complete the installer by this weekend. Despite a three-day lockup, there are still a few small tasks to complete. Nothing major but it's better to delay another day to get it right.

      Yes, it will be a zip for our code with Java, Tomcat and PostgreSQL being downloaded from their own sites.

      I've just completed a couple of Windows test installs with it today and it looks pretty good.

      We would like it to be independently tested. If anyone has the time and would like to help with testing, I'd like to hear from you. The easiest way to reach me is via the Contact Us page on

      You can also reach me via Skype. My ID is onceradix.

      The Windows installer is the most advanced. After downloading all of the components, installation takes about 5-10 minutes. Though it would be more realistic to allow 30 minutes if you are reading the documentation for the first time.

      As soon as the Windows installer is cleared, the Linux version will be brought up to date too. It is currently about 95% done.

      Testing of the Mac version has highlighted a few problems. Macs can act as servers, they're just so darn 'touchy' due to Java compatibility issues. I don't have a release date for the Mac. Again, anyone interested in helping with testing, please let me know.

      We have had quite a few advocates for VM installers. We have resisted this approach due to reduced performance. The obvious advantage is that it is easier to install a demo. But we have tried to make the standard installers much easier so it may not be needed. I'd encourage any input on this.

      Ease of installation is a critical factor in raising the popularity of once:radix as a viable development platform. So this issue is currently our highest priority.

      We are particularly keen to hear suggestions of how to make the installation process even easier - if that is possible!

      Rob Napier


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