Problems installing once:radix

  • David

    David - 2008-08-18

    The install process fails with the database install routine.  At work the install program states that it cannot create the account once.  At home the message is that the installation fails.  The only option is then to cancel the install of the database.  This in turn causes the main install routine to stop and all installation has to be stopped.

    I can install PostgreSQL myself; is it possible to manually install the radix components?

    • onceradix

      onceradix - 2008-08-19


      Your problem could be related to a permissions issue, though the fact that you have had problems on two machines makes that less likely.

      Did either machine have PostgreSQL installed before you started to do the installation?

      We'd like to follow this through with you. If you could contact our office by sending your contact details, we'll make direct contact.

      We use Skype, ICQ and MSN Messenger. SO if you have one of those, we'll follow up as soon as we get your details.


      Rob Napier

    • David

      David - 2008-08-19

      I have made some progress (of sorts). 
      On the computer at work the first error message is that the account 'once' cannot be created as the password is is too short or too simple.  There are password rules enforced on the PC so that could be a reason.

      I can overcome the problem by running the postgresql setup separately after your installation routine has cancelled (the software is left behind in the once-radix folder).

      From a command prompt, with the current folder being "c:\program files\once-radix", I ran the following -
      MsiExec.exe /i "postgresql-8.3-int.msi" /qb! SERVICEDOMAIN=[name of my pc] SERVICEACCOUNT=once SERVICEPASSWORD=[new password] CREATESERVICEUSER=1 SERVICENAME=pgsql-8.3 SUPERUSER=once SUPERPASSWORD=[new password] BASEDIR="C:\Program Files\once-radix\PostgreSQL" INTERNALLAUNCH=1

      This time the password error did not occur. However I now encountered the same error I encounter at home -

      Service 'pgsql-8.3' (pgsql-8.3) failed to start.  Verify that you have sufficient priviliges to start system services.

      By having the service log on using the local system account, the service was able to start and the setup completed.  Your setup routine could also now complete.

      I can now get a webpage - once-fabrik on port 8080 but database access is not working. 

      Unfortunately, I have to move on to other tasks so that is all I can provide for now.

    • Silvia

      Silvia - 2009-01-13

      I had the same problem as David described. I am not too much of a techie so here a more simple approach to solve the problem:
      I wanted to install once:radix on my office computer but the installation did not go through as the password was too simple. My password needs to be at least 8 characters long and the one within the software is probably shorter.. (?)

      You can change your windows password requirement settings manually as described below, just disable the password function:

      As I am hooked up to greater server however, I was not able to change my setting. I had to get the admin password and login as admin. Then I installed the whole thing.

      Now when I went back to my 8 character password profile, PostgreSQL was installed but Once:Radix was not. I just reinstalled Once:Radix. It did not need to install PostgreSQL again so I did not get this error prompt. I only got a message telling me that it will recreate a database link. I clicked OK on that and now all is working.


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