I can't restore the database.

  • ofim

    ofim - 2011-03-15

    I use Ubuntu 10.04. I install java, tomcat and postgres. All run correct. I install once:radix and when i try to restore da database from firefox I see error #6. Unable to restore database. If I try to restore from pgadmin3 the first try like be correct (exit 0), but don't see de database. The second try I see error (exit  code 1, warning errors ignore on restore: 273).
    I'm newbe in the free software and I want to learn once:radix but i don't see how can I install.
    Can someone help me to install and configure the once:radix on Ubuntu 10.04 in a virtualbox virtual machine. I followed all the guides i found in the web but I dont know how can make it.
    PD. excuse for my english. I can help for spanish and catalan translate

  • Vadim Karacharski

    you need to
    1 create postgresql user (in pg admin or console) , for example "once", and set the password.
    2 create the database (in pgadmin or console) and grant all permissions from user "once" to db "once"
    3 edit config file: /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/once/config/configuration.ini  and place corresponded database connection properties (username, password and db name)
    4 login to once using user dbrestore and password dbrestore and login to oAdmn, make right mouse click, select File->Restore and select database backup file to restore.


  • ofim

    ofim - 2011-03-27

    Thanks, try it now.


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